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Competition is increasingly fierce in the world of Indonesian coffee drinks , forcing every business player to continue to innovate. There are those who innovate in terms of service, branding, raw materials, and there are also those who innovate in terms of recipes. One of the coffee franchises in Indonesia with a unique menu is Kopi Yor.

he coffee drink business is still popular among Indonesian people. The reason is, this business offers quite promising profit potential. If you don't want to build a coffee brand from scratch, you can try the franchise option. One of the coffees that opens up this option is Kopi Yor. Kopi Yor is iced milk coffee with a combination of coffee and coconut kopyor. Yor Coffee is also quite well known among the public. If you are interested, you need to pay for the Kopi Yor partnership package of IDR 75 million. This package includes a Yor Coffee brand license for 3 years.

In the package, you already get equipment from Kopi Yor. This includes manual coffee machines, cup sealers, akebono coffee makers, cash drawers, Android tablets and pads, pos printers and systems, coffee grinders and cooler boxes. Apart from that, you will also get a Kopi Yor uniform, training and SOP, as well as raw materials worth 300 cups.

Yor Coffee Location Requirements

Yor Coffee management is flexible in determining sales locations for franchise buyers. When compared with competing brands such as Janji Jiwa or Kulo which set certain sizes or locations.

However, you also cannot open this beverage outlet carelessly. With just a minimalist concept, you probably need a minimum area of ​​4 square meters just for the production area. This is based on the minimalist concept of the existing Kopi Yor booths.

An additional consideration for you is that the location must be easy to reach for online motorbike taxis. The reason is, the product from this franchise is a grab and go drink, which is very suitable for the online food buying market.

Yor Coffee Franchise Prices

tial capital investment, you have to prepare at least 100 to 115 million. This figure is quite cheap compared to other brands whose license prices alone reach 100 million.

The price of the Kopi Yor franchise itself is actually around 75 million rupiah. With this money, you will get the initial raw materials, a 3 year license, a manual coffee machine, complete brewing equipment, uniforms, a cash register and a banner.

For booth construction, the standard may vary from place to place but is usually in the range of 30 million. So other costs that you need to budget for up front are location rental costs if any and also employee salaries.

Then you need to know that every month you will be charged a brand maintenance fee. This amount is floating, at 3 percent of total monthly profits. These maintenance costs will later be channeled into media management activities.

hen for the sales scenario, Kopi Yor carried out calculations with an average transaction price of IDR 20,000, which is as follows. 1. Average sales are low (70 glasses) Total sales: IDR 42 million Gross profit: IDR 25.2 million Management fee (3 percent of turnover): IDR 1.26 million Operational costs: IDR 14.95 million Net profit: IDR 8.9 million ROI (months) : 13 months.Source

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