We often find souvenirs and even find them at various events and occasions which make the atmosphere more conducive and exciting. Souvenirs are a very important component in supporting various activities and promotions for individuals, institutions, places and companies.

Wooden souvenirs are often the main choice for people who are holding an event. Some people choose this type of souvenir because it is cheap but gives a luxurious impression to give to invited guests. This souvenir is usually used as a souvenir for weddings, birthdays, baby reveals and other celebration events.

Apart from that, if you choose wooden wedding souvenirs such as spoons and forks, they will be very useful for the recipients. So, the bride and groom and their families will not waste time preparing souvenirs this time.

There are various types of wooden souvenirs that can be chosen according to the budget or budget that has been made. You can read the information below to choose wooden souvenirs that suit your prepared budget.

Various Kinds of Souvenir Ideas from Wood

1. Wooden Spoon and Fork

The first choice of wooden souvenirs falls on spoons and forks. Why?

Apart from being very cheap compared to other types of wooden souvenirs, spoons and forks are one of the most important items that should be in every home. In fact, every person needs these two things to eat food every day.

So, souvenirs this time can be a good choice for various events, especially weddings. The funds spent on the wedding itself are not trivial. Therefore, this time wooden wedding souvenirs can balance the funds that need to be spent because the price is not too expensive.

2. Bowl or Plate

Other eating utensils that are no less important are bowls or plates. These two pieces of tableware are also very suitable for giving to invited guests.

However, this time the wooden souvenirs are more expensive than other types of wooden souvenirs. So, you need to consider whether to use this type of souvenir or not.

3. Spatula

As is known, some people prefer wooden utensils to stainless steel utensils because they can be used for various types of cooking utensils, including non-stick pans.

Apart from that, wooden stiles also have a relatively cheaper price than stainless steel stiles . Wooden stiles also have a variety of different shapes, just like stainless steel stiles in general.

For these various reasons, you can choose wooden stiles as souvenirs at various events.

4. Keychain

Key chains can be categorized as cute, useful and cheap souvenirs. However, you need to adjust the shape and size so that it is more suitable to give to invited guests.

Because the souvenir this time looks trivial, therefore be smart in choosing the design that will be used for the wooden key chain souvenir.

5. Scoop rice

The wooden ladle souvenir has a similar price to the spoon and fork souvenir package. This time's souvenirs also have quite a lot of fans. Apart from being cheap, wooden rice ladles can also be used by invited guests. So, souvenirs this time are not just a waste of money.

6. Wooden Cutting Board

The next wooden souvenir is a cutting board. This item will certainly be very useful for several people. However, for those who rarely cook, perhaps this souvenir is not very useful.

Apart from that, if you want it as a souvenir in large quantities, of course you will need more budget . This is worth considering if you want the functional aspect and budget to work in harmony with the souvenir.

7. Prayer beads

If all or the majority of your invited guests are Muslim, you can give souvenirs in the form of prayer beads.

This souvenir will be very useful for use in worship. Some people even use these souvenir gifts to display in the car as hangers.

So, those are seven ideas for wooden souvenirs that you can use to give to invited guests at every celebration event. So, which souvenir will you choose?

Opening a Wooden Souvenir Business

Because souvenir items like this are always sought after, it wouldn't be wrong if you could also start a souvenir business. If you are interested, follow these steps to create a souvenir business!

1. Look for a Grocery Store

The first thing you have to do is look for a wholesale shop that sells the items you want to choose as souvenirs and also various decorative souvenirs. Selling souvenirs is not just about sending goods to buyers, but also having to provide beautiful packaging.

The goods you will choose yourself can be local or imported. However, if you only want to sell imported products, you can search for them via the Caribaran g.id platform . This platform is a search platform for special imported merchandise from China.

Another interesting offer from Caribarang.Id is that it really supports business people, because the target market for this platform is business people. Starting from searching for the best supplier, calculating COGS, to delivery, it is included in the Caribarang.id service.

2. Create a design

Before opening a shop, it would be a good idea if you designed the shop logo first. Apart from that, you also have to be smart in designing souvenir cards for each client .

On the other hand, several souvenir shops also provide embroidery services or wooden stamps which are used to mark the name of the bride and groom on each wooden souvenir at the client's request .

Things like this are worth reconsidering before opening a souvenir shop. You also need to have a design that is unique to the business you run.

3. Look for a Marketplace and Do Promotions

Online sales in the current era are increasing very sharply. This is because we have entered an era of digitalization where everything is available online, including shopping.

Therefore, as a seller, you need to try to sell through several marketplaces at once to get lots of customers. Don't forget to always carry out promotions on every social media and marketplace .

Promotion itself can be done in various ways, such as creating video content, live broadcasts, authorial content, and many others. SOURCE

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