Kopi Tuku is a business founded by a barista, Andanu Prasetyo in 2015. This business is now under the auspices of the MAKA Group, a company operating in the culinary sector. 

Because of his love of coffee, the owner finally chose to open  a cafe franchise  . 

Kopi Tuku popularized the menu “neighbor's milk coffee”, namely one of palm sugar milk coffee. This product turned out to be a best seller because of its unique and familiar taste.

The reason why he named his product “neighbor's milk coffee” is because this recipe apparently did not come from himself alone but some input from his neighbors.

That's why it's called neighbor's milk coffee

Now Kopi Tuku has spread to 200 outlets in many areas. However, unfortunately Kopi Tuku has not yet opened a franchise business. So we cannot provide information regarding Kopi Tuku franchise fees.

The owner
 said this directly because he wanted to familiarize people with coffee consumption.

According to the owner himself, opening a franchise business is quite a hassle determining operating standards, tools and raw materials and supervising each franchise. 

Continue Expanding into F&B

MAKA Group, which was founded in 2013 through PT Makna Angan Karya Andanu (PT MAKA), initially started the business with Toodz House and then continued by establishing Toko Kopi Tuku Apart from that, PT MAKA also has a roastery called Beragam which aims to meet the needs of the Tuku Coffee Shop. Furthermore, PT MAKA also acquired the Futago brand, a Japanese Indonesian brand  . This shows their intention to expand into the food and beverage (F&B) sector to introduce Indonesian culinary delights. “So by forming a  holding company  this is also to maintain enthusiasm so that we are not only focused on the coffee business. “If successful, we can switch to the agricultural sector or other sectors in the future,” he said. 

Survival Strategy Without Partnership

Tyo, stated that when he founded his business, he never had the intention to withdraw or stop his business. 

However, he has prepared alternative plans if his business fails. 

“It cannot be denied that the cafe business has now mushroomed in Indonesia.

For him, the challenge in the coffee business today is understanding consumer hopes and expectations.

As a graduate of economics and management, he realizes that storytelling strategies in the coffee business are very important. 

This helps people to understand the reasons that drove them to achieve their current success.

“It is important to have a clear narrative about the reasons why consumers need the products or services we offer,” he explained. 

With a good storytelling strategy, Tyo can communicate the value and uniqueness of Toko Kopi Tuku to its consumers.

Interestingly, he doesn't want to run his business with a franchise system. 

In fact, to build branding awareness for his business, Tyo started increasing the number of Kopi Tuku outlets in Indonesia.

According to Tyo, there is not a single F&B business brand that is easy to standardize.

We have learned that at the beginning of opening branches, we felt that being able to generalize tastes or standardize neighbors in each area was difficult.

There are cultures and differences in tastes and we learn that,” he said

Rather than a franchise , Kopi Tuku actually develops its business centrally so that it can be directly controlled by the principal.

It is proven how he succeeded in establishing 39 outlets as of June 2023. 

Until the end of 2023, Tyo also plans to expand his business reach by opening dozens of Toko Kopi Tuku outlets.

By having more outlets, he hopes to reach more consumers and increase business profits.Source

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