The Secret to Success in the Traditional Herbal Medicine Business to Become a Contemporary Drink

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Who among you likes drinking Jamu? Jamu is a traditional Indonesian drink for a long time. This drink has a strong traditional impression. However, as time progresses, there are more and more innovations regarding this contemporary herbal drink.

It is because of this increasing public enthusiasm that the traditional herbal medicine business is now in the spotlight in the world of entrepreneurship and has become a promising herbal medicine business idea.

Potential for a Profitable Traditional Herbal Medicine Business

The traditional herbal medicine business has great potential to become a profitable business, especially with the increasing public interest in natural health and traditional medicine. The following are some potential traditional herbal medicine businesses that can generate profits:

1. The ingredients for making traditional herbal medicine are easy to obtain.

Because Indonesia is famous for its abundance of spices, you don't need to be afraid of running out of basic ingredients for making herbal medicine. You can buy it at traditional markets or suppliers and even grow it yourself.

2. Initial capital tends to be low

The price of basic ingredients for making herbal medicine is relatively cheap, you can start this business with relatively low capital. For example, here are initial capital assumptions that you can use as a reference before starting this business:

No.Fee TypeCost (Rp.)
1.Raw materials for spices (curcuma, galangal, ginger, etc.)5,000,000
2. Equipment for making herbal medicine1,000,000
3.Herbal bottle packaging and other packaging1,700,000
4.Promotional budget and other costs2,000,000
5.Product registration with BPOM1,500,000

The capital you must prepare to start a contemporary herbal medicine business is IDR 11,200,000. This fee may be higher or lower depending on the price of materials, equipment, and application for product permits to BPOM. 

For information, the costs for registering food business products with BPOM actually vary, starting from IDR 100,000 to IDR 2,000,000 depending on the type of product your business produces. Just to be safe, it can be assumed that the cost to register with BPOM is IDR 1,500,000.

In today's modern era, you can easily carry out digital promotions to introduce the products you sell. 

3. Technology and Social Media Support

You no longer need to go door to door or go around selling herbal medicine using the method of carrying herbal medicine like in the past. Because with adequate social media access, the herbal products you sell can reach a wider audience.

Tips for Success in Starting a Traditional Herbal Medicine Business that You Can Apply

The packaged herbal medicine business has great potential. For today's consumers, packaging is very important. So, don't ignore packaging. The following is a way to start a traditional herbal medicine business that you can try:

1. Determine the type of herbal medicine you want to sell

The first thing you have to think about when you want to start a herbal medicine business is what type of herbal medicine you will sell. Are you going to sell ready-to-drink herbal medicine or powdered herbal medicine?

Apart from that, you can also determine the type of herbal medicine based on its benefits. For example, herbal medicine for body detox consists of ginger and turmeric. Meanwhile, herbal medicine for maintaining stamina consists of galangal and ginger.

2. Modification of herbal medicine packaging to be more contemporary

So that your business continues to exist, you can modify the packaging of the herbal medicine you sell to be more contemporary to attract the hearts of millennials and Gen Z.

You can use plastic bottles and add accents to the packaging such as nutritional value information and brand logos or you can also provide interesting quotes on the packaging that relate to the daily lives of millennials and Gen Z. For example, “Are you tired of being the backbone of the family? Just guarantee it, let it subside.”

3. Create an interesting and easy to remember product name

Giving the product an attractive name will attract the attention of buyers to consume it. You need to pay attention to the positive meaning and meaning of the name. Easy to remember, pronounceable and pleasant to hear, has never been used and should reflect the product.

4. Optimize digital marketing strategies

Because nowadays people are very digitally literate, you must take advantage of it in promoting the herbal products you sell. You can use various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or WhatsApp status so that the products you sell become better known inside and outside your circle of friends.

Apart from that, you can also use e-commerce as a place to sell. So you and the buyer can easily make transactions without having to meet and send the products you are selling yourself.


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