Regional specialty food business opportunities are very promising for those who are looking for culinary business ideas. There have been many successful traditional food businesses with their own characteristics.

Traditional food is still one of the types of food that is most popular with many people. The distinctive taste makes this regional food always sought after and liked by various groups at once.

Basically, there are many types of traditional Indonesian food, because each region has various types of special food. This also makes this business opportunity still considered promising today.

Traditional Food Business Opportunities

The culinary business has always been a target, especially for novice business people who are entering the business world for the first time. Among the various types of culinary delights, typical Indonesian food is certainly one of the most worthy of consideration.

The business opportunity for traditional Indonesian food is still very bright, considering that there is a very large interest in this culinary delight. Regional food like this is suitable for sale anywhere, whether on the outskirts of the city or in relatively large urban areas.

These various typical Indonesian foods are not always easy to find so the opportunity for success in this field is still wide open. If pursued in the right way, this traditional food business can even be successful in a short time.

The following are several reasons why a traditional food business is a very worthy choice.

  1. The potential profits are large
    • When running a business, profit is certainly one of the main goals of business people. However, don't worry, because the traditional Indonesian food business can provide large and fairly stable profit potential throughout the year.Typical Indonesian food is always busy with buyers so the prospects are very promising. It is very possible to obtain large sales figures, especially if from the start the business presents a variety of menu choices. It's not impossible, in just a short time this business has grown rapidly.
  2. Can be run with minimal capital
    • Business certainly cannot be separated from capital. Because almost all businesses  require capital to build them. However, if you intend to run a traditional food business, this capital is not a big problem. This business can be run with  minimal capital .A regional food business can be run on a small scale or from home using various equipment needed using what is already available. To save on space costs, just use your yard or terrace as a place to sell.The capital needed is only to buy various raw materials. This is certainly not too big, because purchasing raw materials like this can be done regularly every day, without creating a large stock at home. If this is the case, limited capital is certainly not a reason to run a traditional food business.
  3. Easy for Beginners to Run
    • In contrast to other types of food which are often complicated to make, regional food is generally quite easy to make. The process of making these various foods is usually simple so it is easy to learn and practice.The conditions above are very profitable, especially for  novice business people who do not have experience in the culinary field. If you don't have a good grasp of various types of food, there's no harm in running this food business on a small scale first.While developing the business, business people can hone their skills at the same time so that in the future the traditional Indonesian food business becomes bigger and more successful.
  4. Easy to Get Raw Materials
    • Typical Indonesian food is generally made using only a variety of local raw materials. This raw material is very easy to obtain, even available in traditional markets. This will be very profitable and make business processes much easier and smoother.If this food business has developed and requires a lot of raw materials, business people can also collaborate with traders who provide raw materials, namely by asking them to deliver the raw materials directly to your home. Apart from saving time, this method will also save costs and energy.

Traditional Food Business Capital Range

If you want to run a regional food business successfully, preparing the right capital is certainly a mandatory point that cannot be ignored. This business can be started by relying on the various kitchen furniture you already have, so only a few additional equipment need to be purchased.

Apart from that, just use your yard or terrace as a business location. This method will be very helpful, especially if the business capital you have is limited. If planned and started properly, this traditional Indonesian food business will also be able to grow rapidly.

The following is the range of capital needed to start a typical Indonesian food business.

Total Capital requiredRp3.300.000
Dry raw materials (flour, sugar, etc.)Rp300.000
Fresh clothing ingredients (vegetables)Rp500.000

The capital estimate above can of course be adjusted to the scale of the business to be run. If you want to start this traditional food business on a large scale, you will need even more capital, especially if you want to rent a separate place as a business location.

However, on the other hand, if you only want to start this business on a small scale,  the estimated capital above is certainly more than enough to be used to build this traditional Indonesian food business.SOURCE

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