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The coffee shop business continues to show its existence amidst the hustle and bustle of urban people's need for a comfortable and instagrammable “coffee” place. Even though the number can no longer be counted on one hand, the local coffee shop franchise Coffee Toffee admits that it is still trying to be a place to enjoy coffee at the forefront.

Quality Coffee Toffee

Coffee Toffee is a coffee shop from Indonesia that has been operating for 11 years. Increasingly growing with the age of teenagers, of course it is not an easy thing. Bearing in mind, the coffee business industry in Indonesia is becoming more fertile every year.

As stated by Coffee Toffee Expansion Director Sandy Wardhana, apart from Coffee Toffee's efforts to keep up with technological developments implemented in every aspect of the company's operations, both in terms of operations, marketing, expansion and finance, Coffee Toffee's competitiveness remains in this era. Here are 4 advantages of the Coffee Toffee franchise that you need to know.

These 4 Advantages Prove the Quality of Coffee Toffee

First, the Coffee Toffee coffee shop franchise has product variants that can reach both casual and serious coffee lovers. Starting from Iced Cappuccino Creme Brule, Cappucino Creme Brule, Cappucino, Cafe Mocha, Cafe Latte, Con Panna, 1 Shot Espresso,  and Machiato to Avocado Cream Joe, Java Jimmie Joe.

“Secondly, the quality of the products we offer is no less or even better than our competitors both from within and outside the country. With special ingredients and compounding methods that only exist in coffee toffee. “The average Frappe Blend drink has a strength level of Light Coffee to Medium,” he explained.

Third, Coffee Toffee has a very competitive selling price compared to competitors without sacrificing quality because most of the raw materials are produced in-house through 4 stages, namely the coffee cherries are picked, processed and sorted based on their grade, then roasted until the peak taste and aroma of each is achieved. type of coffee bean, finally the grinding, tamping and extraction process will be carried out just before the coffee is served.

“Fourth, we have loyal customers who are very engaged with the Coffee Toffee brand, and make Coffee Toffee their partner in carrying out their community activities,” he said.

So, in this disruptive economic era, the Coffee Toffee business has a competitive advantage that Coffee Toffee's competitors do not have, both in terms of product and target segment. Therefore, this Coffee Toffee business opportunity is a recommendation for potential investors who have a passion for local coffee shops .

Currently the Coffee Toffee franchise has a total investment value of around Rp. 600 million to Rp. 1.5 billion which covers the entire investment cost up to “Ready to run” excluding location costs.Source

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