The popularity of food and drinks from Thailand has in fact become a quite promising business opportunity in Indonesia. Currently, you could say, there are quite a lot of Thai food and drink franchises scattered in your city.

For Thai food lovers, you definitely know the Thai culinary delights that are most sought after by travelers, such as manga sticky rice, tom yam, Thai tea, pad Thai and others. Moreover, if you have actually tasted these various foods directly from Thailand. After returning from Thailand, the taste left on the tongue makes many travelers return to Thailand again and again. For those of you who want to build a business related to food/culinary, then you can definitely see that Thai culinary can be an opportunity that should not be wasted.

But don't rush straight away, look for funds, a place and immediately open a Thai restaurant. Opening a business, especially a restaurant, is not that easy, you need to do some research and planning. Here are some tips that might help you solidify your plans in opening a Thai food business:

Learn Thai Culinary in Deeper

When opening a Thai food business, you have to know what menu you want to include. To ensure that the menu is suitable for Indonesian tastes, what you can do is look for recipes, make and taste. It is highly recommended to have lots of people who can provide input. With input from other people, you can start experimenting to produce a Thai menu that suits the Indonesian palate. Don't forget, every time you experiment, you need to write it down so that when you succeed, you won't be confused about what ingredients you included.

Calculate Expenditure Budget

When making food, one thing you must not forget is fresh ingredients. When experimenting with recipes, try to use fresh ingredients. Fresh ingredients have a higher taste than old ingredients. And note how much it costs to make a dish. Knowing the expenses for one dish for ingredients and operations makes it easier for you to determine the price of a menu.

Looking for Material Suppliers

To reduce costs , you need to know where you can get cooking ingredients at cheap prices. The harder a material is, the more expensive it will be. You need to look for people who work in the field of providing food ingredients. Cross check the price and quality to get the best price. The lower the cost , the price of a menu can be reduced. Remember, your menu prices must be competitive with other Thai restaurants.

Carry out Market and Competitor Research

Look at the market and competitors. There's no harm in visiting several Thai restaurants to try their menus. Here you can find out what flavors they offer and how to deal with them. Of course, apart from taste, you can cross check the service and price. Get to know your competitors before facing them. SOURCE

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