For those of you who want to start a business in the food and beverage sector with a menu originating from Thailand.

In Indonesia, the culinary business continues to grow and become more diverse. Business opportunities are opening up even wider. For those of you who have a passion for the culinary business, there are ideas for planning a business in 2024. Thai culinary specialties are being loved by culinary lovers. With a variety of concept choices, you can determine what kind of culinary business concept suits your business plan.

Plan a Culinary Business Now, Typical Thai Culinary

The typical Thai culinary business has several advantages and conveniences. What do you think you need to start this culinary business?

Determine the business concept

You must choose various business concepts first to suit your desires and budget. Starting from street stalls to five star restaurants, the advantages and disadvantages must be considered. Adjust it to your desired business taste and target market. If the concept you choose is mature and in line with market demand, your culinary business will be top of mind for consumers who love Thai culinary delights.

Confirm raw material suppliers

Starting a culinary business really needs to be careful, especially when it comes to raw materials because you have to choose a raw material supplier who can provide fresh and quality raw materials. Make sure you can work with a professional and reliable supplier from quality to quantity aspects. Suppliers must be able to meet the quantity needs and quality standards of your business

The business location must be strategic

If you choose a street business concept, you must consider a strategic location. Choose a busy, clean and safe business location. Because consumer comfort and satisfaction are the main factors in the success of your business. A location that is easily accessible to consumers also has the potential to increase business exposure because it can attract the attention of many food reviewers who visit. So, if you choose a five-star restaurant business concept, apart from location factors, architectural and ambience factors are also very important. Don't forget to consider the quality of the place where you start your business!

Strategi promosi

Another important factor is the promotional strategy. There are many strategies you can do, one of the easiest and fastest is promotion via social media. You can use TikTok, Instagram, and KOL to promote your business, of course with the right strategy that suits your business needs.SOURCE

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