Recently, Chuross has become increasingly popular in Indonesia. Chuross is a typical Spanish pastry. The appearance of chuross at first glance is almost similar to dry eclairs, which has a long shape of up to 20 cm. The difference between chuross and eclairs is the processing method, where milk is baked while chuross is fried.

If you are someone who is still confused about choosing a business idea, there's no harm in trying this opportunity. With the right strategy, the churros business can generate profits as expected.

How to Start a Churros Business

How to start a churros business is actually not difficult. Especially considering that the churros business opportunity is quite high. So it can be wide open in several regions including Indonesia.

The way to eat chiross is also quite unique, for example dipping it in granulated sugar, chocolate or something else. The raw materials for making churros are quite easy for you to get.

So it will provide great opportunities for business people. To start a business, you must be able to do several things. For example, determining a good market share.

Apart from that, you also need to prepare capital and materials. Both are quite easy to find. Because the churros business can be started with affordable capital.

Moreover, you can start this business from a home scale. So anyone can start this business.

In fact, the raw materials you have to prepare include wheat flour, cooking oil, salt, eggs, powdered sugar, granulated sugar, liquid milk, cornstarch, chocolate bars, unsalted butter, ground cinnamon, and toppings according to taste.

Make sure you can make delicious, tasty and of course interesting churros. You also need to prepare several kitchen equipment, starting from a gas stove, frying pan, plastic churros maker, spatula, fryer, etc.

Selling location is also a major factor that determines the direction in which you run this business.

Look for a strategic location that is busy with visitors. Location is also a good prospect in the business world. You can choose a sales location near schools, campuses, entertainment venues, city parks, or others.

Apart from that, you can also start this business online. You can fill a promising churros business opportunity.

Tips for Frying Churros for Selling

The most appropriate way to serve churros selling products is to serve them hot and fresh after frying. The texture that feels crunchy but soft when chewed is a special sensation that is everyone's favorite.

Unfortunately, not everyone can produce churros with such a texture. Therefore, to get churros that look crispy on the outside but soft on the inside, you can follow several tips for frying churros for sale as follows:

1. Oil Temperature Control

Control the oil temperature to get a crunchy and long-lasting churros texture. Avoid frying churros in oil at a temperature that is too high or even too low.

Quoted from the Frisian Flag, a good oil temperature for frying churros is 176 degrees Celsius. With this temperature, the resulting churros will cook evenly.

2. Pay attention to the length of the Churros

Generally, churros can be made in various lengths to suit your needs and desires. However, frying churros that are too long turns out to take quite a long time, you know !

Therefore, to be able to make churros with evenly cooked results in a fairly short time, fry the churros to a length of around 10 cm to 15 cm.

3. Limit the amount of batter in one fry

Don't fry a lot of dough at once. This can cause the churros to cook unevenly. In addition, frying a large number of churros can cause the churros to overlap and stick to each other.

Therefore, fry a standard amount of churros. If you are using a small frying pan, then fry only 4-6 churros and if you are using a medium frying pan, you can deep fry 6-10 churros at a time. SOURCE

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