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Round in shape and quite large in size, soft cookies are a food that is quite filling and suitable as a snack to accompany drinking tea or milk in the afternoon. Unlike the previous variant which was crunchy and more familiar to the Indonesian palate, this version is softer and thicker, so even if you eat one, you'll be full.

The culinary business often gives birth to new trends. One thing that is becoming a trend in society is soft cookies. This snack is popular with various groups, especially millennials. Soft cookies are a type of dry cake, but with the sensation of melted chocolate that melts when bitten. Its round shape and quite large size makes this snack quite filling when eaten.

The way to make this snack is quite simple. In the form of a mixture of melted butter with granulated sugar and brown sugar, which is then stirred with a mixer . After that, add the eggs and vanilla essence , then beat again with a mixer at low speed. Only after that add the flour, baking soda and salt. Stir again using a spatula until the mixture is not sticky and don't forget to add the chocolate chips . Once done, shape into balls and bake. Make simple, home-style soft cookies .

Analysis of Soft Cookies Business Opportunities

n general, Indonesian people consume cookies during holidays or certain celebrations. However, as time goes by, cookies become an everyday snack. This makes the demand for soft cookies in society high. The business prospects for soft cookies are immediately predicted to bring in multiple profits.

Before starting a soft cookie business, business people need to invest in cooking equipment. Reporting from , the investment can start from a gas stove of IDR 550,000, a cauldron of IDR 75,000, a display case of IDR 1,250,000, an oven of IDR 750,000, a mixer of IDR 540,000, and additional equipment costs of IDR 510,000. So the total investment in equipment is IDR 3,675,000.

Apart from that, there are other additional costs that need to be prepared, namely for operational costs and raw materials. These operational costs include electricity costs IDR 29,000, water costs IDR 36,000, rental costs IDR 450,000, labor costs IDR 150,000 and other costs IDR 560,000. The total is around IDR 1,225,000.

Meanwhile, the cost of raw materials requires a minimum of IDR 2,029,000. This amount was used for wheat flour IDR 570,000, eggs IDR 510,000, chocolate powder IDR 524,000, sugar IDR 190,000, and other costs IDR 235,000.

Thus, the total initial capital reaches IDR 6,929,000. If in one month there are orders for 300 jars and the price per jar is IDR 30,000, then the gross income per month is IDR 9,000,000.

Generating Turnover of Hundreds of Millions

According to's search in the digital realm, many soft cookie entrepreneurs are making crazy profits. Several bakers or cookie shop owners said that market demand is still flowing rapidly. 

Chocokie Chip business owner, Helga Audia Putri, said that many millennials like sweet foods. This claim is proven by his soft cookies business which is selling well. 

In one day he can sell up to 100 soft cookies . According to him, the average buyer is millennial. This outlet, which is located in Bandung, can generate turnover from IDR 5 million to IDR 11 million per month.

Meanwhile, Maharani Widia Chandra, owner of Cascara Cookies, also admitted that she experienced a surge in buyers every day. If in the past it only served 3-5 buyers every day, now its soft cookie buyers can reach 10-20 people.

Widia sells its soft cookies starting from IDR 18 thousand for the thin variant and IDR 28 thousand for the thicker variant. Within one month, he can earn income of IDR 20 – 50 million.

To further increase income, several soft cookie entrepreneurs are also making new breakthroughs in terms of taste. One of them is what Kukis.sis does. Apart from selling classic flavors such as Double Dark Choco, Choco Oat, Red-mallow, and Coffeekis, they also sell new flavors. For example, by mixing sea salt or Classic with Sea Salt, seeds or chia seeds , Choco Oat with Cinnamon, Red-mallow with Cream Cheese Filling, Matcha with Almond, and Coffee with Caramel.SOURCE

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