Kopi Soe is a coffee brand with an old school concept and has become one of the best-selling franchise businesses in Indonesia .

But instead of using the brand name “Kopi Soe” as a recommendation, they instead made their rum-regal iced milk their mainstay product.

Apart from that, this coffee franchise claims to be more environmentally friendly, 

Now the Soe Coffee Franchise has 200 branches. These branches are spread across 24 provinces and 82 cities in Indonesia.

However, what is unfortunate about Soe Coffee is that information regarding prices and how to register a partnership is still very minimal, then as reported by Sasamecoffe, Soe Coffee no longer accepts franchises in the areas of West Jakarta, Jambi, Semarang, Surabaya, Batam and Pekanbaru.

About Soe Coffee

In early 2018, Sylvia and Ferrianto Surya officially opened a beverage business which they named Kopi Soe. The name SOe is actually pronounced ‘su', taken from Javanese which means good or good. Sylvia admitted that the name was a prayer, hopefully the franchise could develop well.

The Kopi Soe franchise has a quite unique concept with its old school branding and naming method. This was explained by the owner that their vision is to make their customers feel nostalgic. Therefore, their menus also use ingredients that are familiar to Indonesians .

You are Rum Regal

The drink that made Soe's name skyrocket could be said to be Roegal or regal rum. This drink uses a mixture of milk, sugar, rum syrup and Marie Regal biscuits. The rum used is not real but flavored, so it is without alcohol and is halal to drink.

Sylvia admitted that she found this recipe because she was inspired by her childhood habit. Namely eating regal biscuits with milk. Unexpectedly, this menu became the beginning of the popularity of regal drinks.

This drink is actually served without coffee, but Kopi Soe provides an add on, namely an espresso shot. If you don't like the biscuits, you can order the iced rum coffee menu.

Developing with a Franchise System

Since its inception, Kopi Soe has immediately implemented a franchise collaboration system. As a result, of the hundreds of outlets that are already operating, management only has two shops that are managed by themselves. Namely in Palmerah and Menteng, Jakarta.

For information, the Kopi Soe franchise itself has spread across big cities in Sumatra . These include the cities of Medan, Padang, Pekanbaru, Jambi, Lampung and Palembang. Meanwhile, for Sulawesi, it is in Palu, Manado, Kendari and Makassar. You can also find it in Bali, NTT, Gorontalo, Banjarmasin and Pontianak.

Online Motorcycle Taxi Promo

One of the ways the Kopi Soe franchise uses to boost sales is with discounts or online motorbike taxi promotions. If you see, this business tends to carry out promotions more often than Janji Jiwa or Kulo.

Sylvia revealed that her business was greatly helped by the online motorcycle taxi service. Because of this, he regularly provides attractive special ojol promotions.

Soe Coffee Menu

With relatively cheap prices, the Kopi Soe franchise claims to provide its customers with quality beans. For the coffee menu, they use beans from Mandailing and Toraja. The type used is a special blend of Arabica and Robusta .

From the menu above, perhaps one of the interesting things is the dominance of the non-coffee menu. Not only from the fixed menu, the series and limited menus are rarely espresso based.

This inequality in the non-coffee menu at a coffee shop turns out to have a purpose. The owner admitted this, explaining that he wanted to capture a wider market. Coffee drinkers and not alike can enjoy their offerings.

Terms and How to Open a Soe Coffee Franchise

For those of you who want to know how to open a Kopi Soe franchise, it's a good idea to contact the marketing officer directly. Because, only a few details are revealed freely.

But there is a little information that might be unpleasant for those of you who want to franchise Kopi Soe. This franchise no longer accepts franchisees located in West Jakarta, Jambi, Semarang, Surabaya, Batam and Pekanbaru.

This decision was taken because management did not want disputes to arise between partners due to the distance between adjacent shops. The dispute in question is a market struggle between fellow franchisees.

Price and Estimated Total Cost of Soe Coffee Franchise

Unfortunately, information about the Kopi Soe franchise is very minimal so it is difficult to get a definite price. However, the news circulating is that the license fee for selling this brand is 100 million.

This 100 million is certainly not the total cost, at least you have to think about renovation costs, rent and raw materials. You also have to hire baristas. So you need at least 150 million for the initial total capital.

Some sectors that you may need to spend extra on may be marketing. As already mentioned, Kopi Soe is a brand that often carries out online promotions.

Soe Coffee Franchise Alternative at Affordable Prices

For those of you who want to sell franchise coffee and only have capital of 100 million, of course it is very difficult to buy Kopi Soe. But don't worry, there are many other alternatives to choose from.

For example, there are franchises such as Kopi Tuya or Kopi Wolu whose licensing prices are cheaper. If you want someone who offers contemporary coffee products with cheap specialty beans, you can try checking out Sasame Coffee.

At Sasame Coffee, you can start selling quality coffee with capital starting from just IDR 50 million. But cheap is not cheap, you will get top-notch raw materials and facilities without having to bother looking for this or that.Source

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