Coffee shops have continued to appear in recent years as a response to the development of the lifestyle of young people who like to hang out while drinking coffee. The names of coffee shops are unique and contemporary to attract people's hearts.

Heart Space Coffee Franchise

In 2020, the current coffee milk business is no longer as trendy as it was in 2017. However, that doesn't mean that the growth of this business in Indonesia is weakening. In fact, new franchise brands continue to emerge, one of which is Kopi Ruang Hati.

It cannot be denied that in Indonesia itself, the current trend for milk coffee is getting hotter thanks to the success of Kopi Janji Jiwa . This brand is trending thanks to its branding that is right on target.

With fusion coffee products that people like, practical packaging, a campaign with a love theme, and a simple monoline logo design. This brand has succeeded in winning the hearts of the public, especially young people.

And for those of you who are used to following the business world, you won't be surprised by the ATM concept. Observe – imitate – modify. So is the Kopi Ruang Hati franchise just a modification of the previous brand? What are the differentiating factors? Is there any other value offered? Listen to the discussion here!

About Heart Room Coffee

Ruang Hati Coffee is a franchise beverage brand that provides a mainstay menu of coffee with milk. This brand was first founded in 2019. Although there is no definite information about its first outlet, this brand is based in Surabaya, East Java.

Since it first opened, this brand has targeted itself to sell franchise packages. As of December 2020, there were at least more than a hundred Ruang Hati Coffee outlets throughout Indonesia. In contrast to many of its competitors, Ruang Hati outlets are spread quite evenly, not only in the Java island area or big cities.

Terms and Methods for Opening a Ruang Hati Coffee Franchise

To start this business, you only need to provide a place to sell. They do not have special specifications regarding water or electricity.

It's just that, in terms of location, you should open in a busy center or on the side of the road. Ideally, in an environment with heavy traffic of young people.

As mentioned previously, they also offer a booth concept. It's just that with the concept of selling drinks and food, the booth concept may not be enough.

Some franchisees in big cities get around this by creating outdoor customer areas around the booth. No construction required, just benches and tables that can be moved. However, this means that the land rented must be quite wide.

Price and Capital Estimates for Ruang Hati Coffee Franchise

The management of Ruang Hati Coffee has set a fairly affordable franchise price, namely 80 million rupiah. At one time they sold it for 60 million rupiah, but the value increased in 2020.

With the costs you have to pay, you still have to take care of construction, initial raw materials, neon signs and employees. Because the business packages listed include promotional media, licenses, brewing equipment, uniforms, POS, cash drawer, tablet, SOP and attributes.

This business package also does not include a freezer or chiller, while the raw materials needed are quite a lot and there is food. You can save by not buying a freezer for your outlet, but it is not recommended because it will be too troublesome for daily operations.

With construction costs, neon signs, raw materials and employees, at least the total capital you have to spend is in the range of 120 to 150 million rupiah. This figure assumes that the booth construction costs do not exceed 30 million rupiah and the location rental does not exceed 2.5 million per month.Source

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