Until now, the rice box business is still in demand and is a promising opportunity. Generally, this contemporary food is popular with young people because it is practical and easy to carry everywhere.

Among the many well-known culinary businesses that are becoming more popular day by day, rice boxes are one of the culinary businesses whose interest has continued to increase in recent years.

This business trend certainly cannot be separated from the efforts of business people to carry out branding activities . Without branding activities , this business is almost the same as the ordinary rice box business that has been carried out for a long time by many people in the culinary business.

However, with branding activities carried out intensively, the rice box business has become a very profitable trend. For those of you who want to try running a rice box business , there are several interesting ideas that you can make. What are the ideas? Keep reading this article until the end.

Rice Box Business Ideas that You Can Try

1. All-Chicken Rice Box

Chicken is a side dish that is easy to get and has great potential to be processed. In fact, several large chicken outlets in the past few years have offered variations of the chicken rice menu in rice box packaging , and to this day they continue to make big profits from this menu, so this menu is continuously maintained.

If you want to try processing this chicken raw material, you can express it with a variety of spices so that the product you want to offer to consumers doesn't seem boring and monotonous.

For example, you can mix chicken black pepper rice boxes , or if you want to include elements of Indonesian culinary delights, then there's no harm in bringing out a chicken sambal matah menu variant whose name is already well-known.

2. Bento Menu Variations

Basically, bento is a rice box from Japan which is often used as a school or work lunch menu in that country.

Because it is usually prepared in the morning, the menu is very simple, such as rice, with side dishes containing fried foods or large insulated plastic boxes to form very simple cardboard rice boxes.

To maintain the packaging, the food menu should not contain side dishes or wet vegetables with a lot of water. Therefore, starchy fried foods such as tempura or other fried foods as well as salads are often included in this bento menu . You can offer this bento menu as a rice box which is more practical, concise and easy to consume.

3. Processed Dori Fish

Just like chicken, dory fish is also a food ingredient that is easy to obtain and process. So, it is very suitable to be used as a mainstay rice box menu .

In fact, dory fish itself is an ingredient that is very often used as a variant of the food business, from menus in various luxury restaurants to rice box menu options . Usually, dory fish is marketed in the form of fried flour and cut into cubes to make it easier to consume, so it is very suitable to be marketed as rice boxes .

You can try mixing the dory fish menu with sweet and sour sauce or with sambal matah which is easy to serve. You can also add dried potatoes to complement the taste.

4. Rice Box With Meat Side Dish

If you want to offer a more luxurious rice box menu, then processed meat can be the best choice because it tastes delicious and the price is not as cheap as chicken or dori fish.

So far, not many business people have marketed rice boxes with meat on the menu, so you can take advantage of this opportunity to increase your income.

You can process the meat in practical and thick packaging so that it doesn't get damaged easily because of the thick meat seasoning.

With this luxurious menu, you can target a wider market, such as employees in large companies with high mobility who have very limited eating time.

New Style Culinary Business

As previously explained, rice boxes have been around for a long time. However, when this culinary menu first appeared, it was only packaged in cardboard boxes which did not feel attractive.

However, just like business models in general, the success of the branding strategy carried out is able to make this business model remain suitable and more profitable than conventional business models that previously existed.

This branding activity will not be successful if it is not accompanied by various new innovations that can make it look different. For this reason, if you want to get into this business, you must not be complacent.

Carry out various experiments or research to find out what is currently needed by the market. For example, you can find out certain side dishes that have never been served by other rice box businesses , but have huge opportunities in terms of profits.

Apart from variations in the side dish menu, you can also explore the packaging of your rice boxes to suit consumer needs.

However, the persistence and tenacity of business people will have a big impact on the sustainability of other businesses.

For this reason, always develop the rice box business that you are currently involved in so that you can always offer a variety of new menus that can attract customers' attention, so that consumers will continue to want to try the rice box products that you offer.SOURCE

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