Do you know what a rice box business is ? As mentioned above, rice boxes are adapted from the Japanese meal donburi rice . This business has started to gain interest since 2020 and will start to grow rapidly in 2021.

Taking the opportunity and starting a modern rice box business can be said to be an opportunity that can be utilized as well as possible.

For those of you who are confused about choosing a unique and contemporary business idea, you can try opening a rice box culinary business.

There are several things that must be prepared before starting this business, including determining the type of packaging that will be used.

The following is a review of business opportunities along with inspiration for contemporary rice box packaging that can be used this year.

Current Rice Box Business Opportunities

This rice box business is actually a culinary business that serves fast food dishes. Usually consists of rice and side dishes, but wrapped using contemporary packaging.

This type of dish is much sought after by the public because it is considered practical and filling.

One of the unique things about this business is the way it is served using take away box packaging , so the food can be taken anywhere easily.

Until now, the rice box business is still very popular and is considered a business with big opportunities that is quite promising.

This type of dish is much sought after by young people who want to buy fast, practical food in contemporary containers.

Rice Box Business Menu Inspiration

One of the advantages of this culinary business lies in the list of menus served. Customers can get varied menu choices with portions that are quite filling.

Menu creation is considered a challenging thing because business people must be able to create original products that are different from competitors.

For those of you who are still confused about deciding on a food menu to sell, try some of the following menu inspirations.

First, you can choose to make menus such as grilled rice, fried rice, shredded chicken rice, geprek chili chicken rice, and even sambal matah chicken rice.

Apart from that, you can also provide various traditional Indonesian menus. Even if you want to look different, you can create a menu in the form of international food.

Second, you can try creating a new menu by combining Indonesian and international dishes.

It's not wrong to try this innovation because it can make your rice box business look more unique and different from similar competitors.

The more unique the business you run, the more it will attract interest and curiosity from potential buyers to try the products being sold.

Therefore, choose menus that are unique and can be enjoyed by everyone so that your rice box products are more popular.

Apart from preparing delicious food, you also need to think about the custom packaging you use and make sure it is safe to package the food.

Tips for Starting a Contemporary Culinary Business for MSMEs

The steps that need to be taken to start a business in general, of course, start with capital preparation and also a development plan.

Several things need to be prepared to start a rice box culinary business, such as calculating the amount of capital, analyzing the target market, determining prices, and selecting packaging.

If the planning is complete, then you need to prepare a business location that is strategic and in line with the product's target market.

If the specified target market is young people, then choose a business location close to a school or campus.

However, if the target is office workers, choose a location around the office center or near the business district.

An alternative that can be done to reduce business capital costs is that you can actually run this rice box business from home and implement an online ordering system.

After selecting the appropriate location, the next step is to look for suppliers of raw materials to create your menu.

Make sure to always prioritize the quality of the materials used to sell your rice boxes to consumers.

This needs to be considered carefully because the quality of the materials used is one of the considerations for customers to buy or not. Apart from that, choose raw material suppliers who are trustworthy and trustworthy.

Choosing the menu that will be sold is also no less important. Try to create a combination of Indonesian menus and original menus so that everyone can enjoy them.

Don't forget to use and prepare clean equipment starting from cooking utensils, cutlery and other kitchen equipment.

Kitchen cleanliness, permits to open a business, water and electricity requirements are also the next considerations that should not be ignored.

You also need to be prepared when choosing packaging and make sure that you use standard food grade paper packaging that is sturdy and oil-resistant.

If your business supports environmental sustainability, you can reduce the use of disposable cutlery and switch to using paper packaging .

Examples of Unique and Interesting Paper Boxes

When you want to make quality custom product packaging , you need to know the shape and type of materials that can be used.

One example of a form of packaging that can be used is paper food pail . Food pail packaging is suitable for use as take away food boxes.

The materials commonly used are ivory paper or brown kraft PE . These two papers are considered superior in making contemporary rice box packaging because they are thick enough and safe for food.

As an alternative, you can use regular ivory or brown kraft paper and add lamination to one or both sides. 

Running a rice box culinary business can be done with many considerations ranging from menu selection, location to the use of custom packaging.

Unique and contemporary product packaging is also something that needs to be considered to attract more customers.

You can print contemporary rice boxes with custom designs and sizes at Risepack. With fast, guaranteed and reliable online service, it could be the right custom box packaging solution for you.SOURCE

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