The West Sumatra Provincial Government says that Minangkabau's rendang has no doubt about its taste and the world has even acknowledged the delicious taste of rendang. This makes rendang quickly penetrate the international market, whether it is exported in the form of rendang or in the form of rendang seasoning packages.

Actually, the rendang business is similar to other culinary businesses, only because it has to go through a different cooking process, there are several methods that also need to be adjusted.

So, how do you start a good rendang cooking business?

6 Easy Ways to Start a Rendang Business

As a rendang culinary lover with an  entrepreneurial spirit , check out this brief review of how to start a rendang culinary business.

Here are the methods:

1. Learn how to process meat & cook rendang

Before starting, of course you have to know first how to cook rendang .

This dish is synonymous with seasoned meat cooked in coconut milk.

Apart from the mixture of spices & ingredients, rendang's distinctive taste is also obtained from the cooking process, which uses fire from coconut fiber & firewood.

For this reason, understanding & mastering authentic rendang processing methods is the first thing that must be done before starting this business.

Why? To avoid the rendang products offered by your business not having a distinctive rendang taste.

Don't forget to also learn how to choose good meat for rendang dishes.

2. Determine the rendang business concept

With so many variations of rendang products on the market, your rendang business certainly needs to be different.

You can offer rendang products made from premium quality beef or lamb.

This will certainly make potential consumers curious.

Apart from that, you can also offer a different packaging concept from your competitors.

It could be from the packaging design, to the various weights of each package.

3. Create  unique & attractive branding

Continuing the previous packaging concept, your business should create  unique branding & attract consumer interest.

This can be started by choosing a  brand name and creating a logo that will be displayed on the rendang product packaging.

Do research on who your target consumers are, and adapt  the branding to their characteristics.

For example, your target consumers are office workers, then the  branding concept must suit their needs; such as ready-to-eat rendang packages that can be warmed in the microwave .

It's different if your target consumers are housewives or groups of students.

Always adapt the product concept to the target consumers you are after, OK?

4. Prepare capital

After preparing the product, concept and  branding , the next step is to calculate the amount of capital that needs to be prepared.

Make a budget plan for purchasing raw materials, starting from meat, spices, and also rendang product packaging.

Calculate all expenses in as much detail as possible, including preparing capital for renting a location, hiring employees, and also for  marketing costs .

5. Marketing rendang cooking products

In the initial stages, you can use social media to promote and advertise.

For example, through the WhatsApp chat service , and also social media such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube.

You can also use  marketplaces such as Tokopedia and Shopee, and also  online delivery services (GoFood, ShopeeFood, and GrabFood) to market your rendang dishes.

Through digital and social media too, you can interact not only with potential consumers around your location, but also other potential consumers who are far from your business location.

6. Develop variations of rendang dishes

After the rendang business starts to run stably, you need to plan other innovations for your business.

This is necessary so that your business always follows changing trends, and does not make consumers bored.

Examples of some innovations that you can do are:

  • Making rendang products in various packaging sizes. For example, in packages of 100 gr, 250 gr, 500 gr, or according to consumer orders.
  • Add new menus while maintaining taste quality. If initially you only provide a beef rendang menu, then you can add other food ingredients such as lamb, quail eggs, oyster mushrooms, and so on.
  • Expand & broaden your business network, for example by opening new branches in other cities, or opening  franchise, dropship and  reseller programs .

By innovating regularly, your business will always be relevant and not boring for consumers.

However, remember to always comply with the rules and regulations of good business, OK?

Are you ready to start your own rendang business?

Those are some easy ways to start a rendang cooking business.

Starting from studying raw material processing and cooking processes, determining business concepts, marketing, to developing business innovations.

You need to know these things before actually getting involved in a culinary business. SOURCE

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