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Promising Agricultural Business

Businesses in the agricultural sector are businesses that directly address basic human needs such as producing food. Humans need food every day to survive, and this is the most important and basic thing compared to other needs. Therefore, agriculture is a very promising business sector in the future, especially for rural communities. 

Not only do you directly become a farmer, you can also get involved in the agricultural business in other fields. Especially nowadays, there are many opportunities that you can take advantage of to start a promising agricultural business. 

Agricultural businesses that you can try:

1. Rent Agricultural Equipment

In running an agricultural business, modern farmers certainly need tools to make their work easier. Here, you can enter to offer agricultural equipment rental services, such as tractors, harvesting machines, and other heavy equipment. 

With this business, you can also participate in increasing agricultural productivity in Indonesia. Moreover, with a rental payment scheme after harvest, it will certainly be easier for farmers. To get involved, you have to find a seller of agricultural equipment at low prices, either through a marketplace or a physical shop that sells agricultural equipment.

2. Selling plant seeds

If you feel that you lack business capital, you can still try an agricultural business by selling plant seeds. Moreover, today's public interest in gardening at home has made interest in plant seeds very high. Some plant seeds that you can choose include green mustard greens, bok choy, tomatoes, chilies, eggplant, green spinach and red spinach.

3. Become an Agricultural Website Blogger

If you have a lot of knowledge about agriculture and like writing, try becoming a blogger for a website with an agricultural theme. You can write about many things related to agriculture, such as how to make organic fertilizer, tips for growing plants, and explaining the benefits of various types of plants. Apart from creating your own blog, you can also become a writer for other people's blogs, whether individual, corporate or even government-owned.

4. Collector of Agricultural Products

Starting work as a collector is very promising, especially if you live in an area with abundant agricultural products and have quite a lot of capital, this business seems suitable for you to try. The method is also quite easy. You only need to buy agricultural products directly from farmers, then resell them to the market or distribute them to strategic locations.


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