Rendang is a typical Indonesian dish that is famous throughout the world. This dish originates from the Minangkabau region, West Sumatra, and has become an important part of Indonesia's culinary heritage.

Quality rendang culinary products are very popular with many consumers.

The characteristics of the best quality rendang include the texture of the meat being tender, the taste delicious, and durable or long-lasting. This is what makes this typical West Sumatran food popular with many consumers.

3 Ways to Make Quality Products in the Rendang Business

Making quality rendang products is something you need to do as a rendang business owner.

If you are currently running a rendang business and want to increase your sales turnover, follow how to make rendang with good quality and durability, as follows:

1. Choose the right meat

One of the secrets of quality rendang products lies in the meat you use as the main raw material.

You need to know, each part of the beef has a different texture and taste. These differences in texture and taste can certainly influence the food menu you will cook.

So , for rendang preparations, the part of beef you choose must have a dense texture, so that it doesn't fall apart easily when cooked. Because cooking rendang takes hours.

The part of beef that is suitable for you to use as rendang is the upper thigh. Among other parts, the upper thighs do have quite a lot of fat.

Apart from the texture and part, you also have to pay attention to the level of redness when choosing beef. Generally, fresh beef has a red-brown color.

This red-brown beef occurs due to exposure to air for more than 30 minutes, or is also caused by the freezing process.

If the red color on the meat looks excessive, it is likely that the beef has been processed using monoxide, which functions to maintain its reddish color.

You also need to pay attention to the aroma of beef properly.

The aroma of beef is very distinctive and different from other animal meats. Beef that is no longer fresh will have a rotten aroma, or ammonia.

You should avoid beef that is not fresh or succulent so that the quality of the rendang products you sell is maintained.

Apart from considering the color and aroma, avoid choosing beef that has spots on the surface, because this indicates the meat is no longer fresh.

2. Cut the meat to the appropriate size

Cutting the beef that you will make into rendang also has its own rules.

To make the rendang tender, you have to cut it in the direction of the meat fibers. You can cut it at a slight angle to follow the grain of the meat.

Apart from that, cut the beef into large, thick pieces. This is because the process of cooking rendang for quite a long time causes the beef to shrink.

If you cut it too small or thin, it will most likely fall apart.

Once you have finished cutting it to the right size, clean the piece of meat using kitchen tissue. Unlike chicken, cleaning beef does not need to be washed using water because it will make the meat shrink.

You only need to wipe off any dirt or blood remaining on the surface of the meat. Once clean, let the meat sit for a few minutes, after that you can immediately process it into rendang.

3. Cook the right way

How you cook can also influence the quality of the rendang product you sell.

Because cooking rendang is not the same as making beef stew, here is the correct way to cook rendang so that it has good quality:

Use original or quality coconut milk

Rendang is a typical Indonesian culinary dish that contains coconut milk and thick spices.

If you want the rendang to taste delicious and not spoil easily, then use real or quality coconut milk, so that it penetrates perfectly into the meat and makes the taste even more delicious.

The amount of coconut milk you will use must also be large, because this coconut milk will later become a spice for rendang.

For example, if you cook 1 kg of beef, then use thick coconut milk from 1 coconut, and prepare liquid coconut milk or ½ coconut.

One of the quality coconut milk products that you can use to cook rendang is Kara. For Kara coconut milk cream measuring 200 ml, you can buy it on the market for around Rp. 9,000.00.

Cook rendang over low heat

When cooking rendang, make sure the stove fire is low.

If you cook rendang over high heat, the meat will become tough and the coconut milk will burn quickly.

Low heat will also allow the rendang spices to penetrate perfectly into the meat. Not only that, the texture of the meat becomes more tender.

This is what will make the rendang products you sell considered quality by consumers.

Avoid stirring the meat too often

Apart from not cooking over high heat, you also shouldn't stir the meat too often.

Because, this can make the meat crumble easily.

So, stir the meat occasionally so that it doesn't fall apart and cooks evenly all the way to the inside.

Pay attention to cooking time

Cooking rendang takes hours.

However, that doesn't mean you can cook rendang for too long. Cooking rendang for too long can burn the meat and give the marinade a bitter taste.

The duration of cooking time for rendang depends on the weight of the beef you are cooking.

For meat weighing ½ – 1 kg, it takes approximately 2 hours to cook. If the weight of the meat you are cooking is more than 1 kg, then the cooking process will take more than 2 hours.

Come on , make quality products in the Rendang business now!

These are several ways to make quality rendang products that many consumers like.

If you want the sales turnover of your rendang business to increase, apply the 3 simple methods above right now.SOURCE

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