Potato Hotdog Business

Hot Dogs are a type of sausage that is cooked or smoked and has a soft texture compared to most sausages. Hot dogs are often eaten with hands, especially in America and are usually served with a sausage-shaped bun and sometimes added with other toppings and condiments.

If you are planning to start a business, you can try various methods as long as it does not violate ethics in the business world. Most business people who have a bright future usually never underestimate any type of business they will pursue, including businesses with even small capital. And if you are trying to start one, maybe the potato hotdog business or what is often known as hotang is worth trying.

Even though this potato hot dog business is a business that is categorized as a small business, the profits obtained certainly cannot be underestimated. Moreover, if this business is run on a large scale, the profits will be amazing.

How to Successfully Start a Potato Hotdog Business

If you want to run a potato hotdog (hotang) business successfully, of course you have to know how and when you know how, then you can try it straight away, you just need to add a little touch to make this potato hotdog business better so that you yourself will feel how delicious the profits from this hotang business are. Here are the steps you can try.

Choosing the Right Franchise

It cannot be denied that doing business using a franchise system can make it easier for entrepreneurs, including those of you who are still beginners, to make profits at a fairly fast pace. However, franchises are not always able to provide the profits you desire. Of course, you don't want to have to buy a franchise with a profit sharing system, where the profits from your hard work will be shared with the franchise owner.

However, it is different from franchises in general, if you buy this franchise, it only costs Rp. 2,850,000, for the complete package and Rp. 2,050,000, package without booth or cart, so you can have all the equipment and supplies 100%. Likewise, the profits from this business will be 1000% yours. In fact, you will be assisted with a supply of raw materials from the franchise which you can order regularly at low prices.

Knowing How to Cook Potato Hotdogs

Apart from choosing the right franchise, of course you also have to know how to cook potato hotdogs. Where you won't know how to do the hotang business if you can't cook it. To cook potato hotdogs, you don't need special training because it is very easy.

Where to do it first, the sausage is skewered and then smeared with hotang mixture which has been mixed with water and is thick (not runny). Next, the potato sticks are attached to the sausage that has been smeared with the hotang mixture.

Finally, coat the sausages and potatoes again with the hotang mixture then fry. Wait until the color turns brown and the hotang is ready to be served with spices according to taste.

Making Potato Hotdog Seasoning Variations

Generally, each buyer has different tastes, so it is necessary to provide seasonings with different flavors and this will make buyers like the potato hotdogs that you serve even more. Of course, you have to be creative with flavor variants.

So, those are the easy tips on how to start a hotang business that you can try so that you can make maximum profits. Oh yes, one thing that is no less important, don't forget to choose a strategic location so that your potato hotdog business is easily visible and quickly recognized by many people, the effect of which will be to make many buyers come to taste the hotang you make. SOURCE

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