Even if you have never had business experience before, trying out the packaged chili sauce business opportunity can be an exciting first experience.

The reason is because everyone likes chili sauce and buyers have a wide market scope.

Urban residents, most of whom are office workers, are often busy with long working hours. Most urban people will look for food that is practical for daily consumption. Cooking is also a fairly time consuming activity. So they prefer to buy it outside or use ready-to-use materials.

It is not Indonesian society to eat without chili sauce. The food tastes bland without the chili sauce. Everyone from children to adults certainly likes chili sauce.

Various variations of chili sauce are often served according to the menu presented. There is shrimp paste chili sauce, tomato chili sauce, onion chili sauce, matah chili sauce and others. Due to busy schedules and high mobility, people rarely make chili sauce at home and choose to buy practical packaged chili sauce.

Many people are now interested in packaged chili sauce. Apart from being more practical and economical, instant chili sauce has many variants and levels of spiciness. This chili sauce will last for months. The small jar packaging makes this product suitable for carrying everywhere as a food companion or as a souvenir.

The instant chili business idea can be a promising business opportunity. Because market demand is high considering people's habits of eating chili sauce. This processed product will certainly not lack interest and will provide multiple benefits. Your business can grow rapidly if you are serious about pursuing this business.

Tips for running an instant chili sauce business

So that your instant chili sauce can compete in the market and be sought after by consumers, it's a good idea to follow these tips:

1 Use fresh and quality ingredients

So that your chili product has a strong and consistent taste, you need to use selected ingredients. Choose chilies that are really ripe and still fresh. If the ingredients you use are not good, your product results will be less than optimal.

2 Make various flavors

Indonesia is famous for its diverse archipelago culinary delights. Of course, the chili sauce served in each region is unique. Various Indonesian chili sauces that are already familiar to our tongues include Matah sambal from Bali, Dabu-dabu chili sauce from Manado and green chili sauce from Padang, Sumatra. The more varied your chili products are, the more choices there will be for consumers. So consumers will be interested in trying all the chili variants that you produce.

3 Practical and attractive product packaging design

It has been widely proven that product packaging is also an important part that needs to be considered when making a product. Use food grade packaging that is not easily damaged. Design packaging with attractive images and include complete information about your product such as composition, expiration date, address and social media.

4 Product marketing

Marketing of packaged chili sauce can be done online and offline. You can open a business as a reseller with your friends or collaborate with shop and minimarket sellers. Meanwhile, you can offer online marketing via Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and other accounts. Apart from that, you can also create accounts in various market places with various promotions.


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