Oyster Mushroom Business

Generally, oyster mushroom cultivation is carried out using baglog media with the main ingredient being wood dust. However, along with the increasing demand for production, other alternative planting media must be found which are relatively easier to find and at low prices.

Oyster mushroom business has recently become one of the commodities that is widely traded on the market. In fact, this mushroom has become part of people's daily consumption, alongside green vegetables

This is also what makes oyster mushrooms widely cultivated. Because the mushroom business promises quite good profits, for a small businessman an income of 3,500,000 per month is not bad.

Oyster Mushroom Opportunities

One of the business actors who has been cultivating oyster mushrooms since 2019, 5 years ago. Laduni, resident of Sanbaro Hamlet, Bentek Village, Gangga District, North Lombok Regency. From the results of cultivating mushrooms he was able to make a decent profit.

Laduni said that from his cultivation, he was able to earn a minimum profit of IDR 150,000 per day.
This is obtained from harvesting 50 bag logs per day, out of a total of <150 bag logs he owns.

“So we harvest every day alternately from every baglog we have,” he said when met by this media.

In one harvest, each bag log can produce more than 3 ounces of oyster mushrooms. So, every 50 baglogs can produce approximately 12 kilograms.

“Per 1 pack of plastic the price is around Rp. 5,000-Rp. 6,000, and the process is quite easy. The planting medium usually used to make oyster mushroom seeds is a mixture of sawdust, husks, lime and water, then the way to make oyster mushrooms is by growing the baglog into meat. fruit. However, it is important to prepare the kumbung first.” Laduni explained

Laduni, took up oyster mushroom cultivation because he was inspired by fellow activists and through YouTube, he tried to produce it himself, bought the ingredients and then tried it until now the results can be sold.Sumber

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