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Iced lemon tea is certainly familiar to your ears. A drink that can freshen our throats is a drink made from tea and lemon. Tea must be very familiar in your life or you almost every day enjoy a cup of tea in the morning or evening. Tea is a very popular drink which is very suitable to be enjoyed in various situations, it can be enjoyed when the weather is cold and can also be enjoyed when the weather is hot.

Soda drinks are drinks that have carbonization and are usually found in drinks such as soft drinks. This drink is liked by many people, especially young people, so drinks like this are often found in cafes, restaurants and various other types of drink shops. Soda drinks can be combined or mixed with tea, for example soda lemon tea. Of course, adding ice cubes will make this drink even fresher and more enjoyable to drink. 

This drink will taste more refreshing if consumed when the weather is hot and the air is hot. During this hot weather, drinking iced lemon tea soda will make your throat fresher and more delicious, so this drink is suitable to drink during the dry season. This drink will also be very delicious if consumed with friends or family when gathered together. This fizzy drink is very popular with the public and demand is increasing in the market, so this is an opportunity for a profitable iced lemon tea soda business to runBecause many people like fizzy drinks, you can take advantage of this to make a profit. One of the soda drinks that is quite popular is iced lemon tea soda which is very refreshing and delicious. 

If you are interested in trying to run this business, you can make it very easily. The ingredients needed to make it are a soft drink, lemon juice, fresh tea water, lemon slices and some ice cubes with measurements and how to make it. So this business is very easy to run, especially if you are still new to running a business, this refreshing drink can be used as a starting point for running a business.

Lemon Tea Iced Soda Business Info

This business can be run by opening a café with various types of fresh drinks provided. In this business, several preparations must be made to start the business so that it runs smoothly in the future, here is what you need to know:

  • Get suppliers of ingredients to make various types of drinks, such as carbonated drinks, lemons, tea and various other types of quality drinks. The quality of the raw materials that will be used must be carefully considered in order to get good results in the beverage shop business that will be run.
  • Prepare an appropriate and strategic business location so that later you can get good sales results. The promotion process will not take long so it will be easier to market if the business location is strategic. Some suitable locations to do this are roadsides, near campuses, offices, and various other types of busy places.
  • Prepare adequate equipment to open a fresh drink business. Some of the equipment needed is cooking utensils, cutlery, display cases, tables and chairs and various other types of places that support the running of the business.
  • Create a calm, comfortable and clean business atmosphere because this is a carbonated drink menu that young people will really like, so adjust the atmosphere of the room to what young people like so that they enjoy visiting your place. Apart from various fresh drinks, of course you will need accompaniments such as food menus or snacks so that you can provide delicious and delicious food for the accompanying menu.

Lemon Tea Iced Soda Consumers

The target market for this iced lemon tea business is of course teenagers because this drink is identical and widely sold in cafes, but adults and the elderly also usually enjoy this carbonated drink so the target market for this refreshing drink is very broad and usually in great demand.Source

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