Street stalls serving typical Korean culinary delights will have their own place. Why is that? The first reason is because it is pocket friendly. The second reason is because the atmosphere produced by street stalls resembles the imagined atmosphere produced in Korean films. The main keys to building a Korean culinary business opportunity are food, room concept and atmosphere. If these three things can be formed synergistically, then don't be surprised if a new entrepreneur is able to achieve multiple profits. Putting these three main keys together doesn't require a lot of capital. The most important thing is the ability to adapt what is found in Korean cultural products that are of interest to young people, especially Korean films.

To support people in running a Korean food business, in Indonesia there are many Korean food distributors.

Best Korean Food Distributor in Indonesia

The following are some of the names of these distributors:

1. Mugunghwa Supermarket

This distributor sells the most complete Korean food in the marketplace. The Korean food and drink products sold are of high quality because they are imported directly from South Korea.

Several products are sold, such as instant ramen, instant tteokbokki, instant jjajangmyeon and various other snacks. The selling price varies greatly, starting from IDR 15,000 to IDR 82,000.

Here you can easily find Korean food with the Halal logo, as well as product descriptions in Indonesian/English. So you can easily find products according to your preferences.

2. Corndog Legend

Corndog Legend is a distributor that sells Korean frozen food. All products sold here are of good quality and the service is also good.

Even though the name of the shop is Corndog Legend, it doesn't only sell corndogs, but also other products.

For example mozzarella, tteokbokki, rabokki, odeng, and others. Prices for products sold here start from IDR 10,000 to IDR 115,000.

3. Kimchi Eonnie

From the name alone, it is clear that this distributor sells kimchi, especially mustard greens kimchi. Kimchi mustard greens are sold here in various sizes, ranging from 250 gr to 500 gr.

The price of kimchi sold also varies, starting from IDR 33,000 to IDR 75,000.

4. Koreakeun

Kureakeun is the No. supplier. 1 in Indonesia which sells various types of contemporary Korean food.

The food sold here is halal, quality food but sold at very affordable prices.

The majority of products sold here are snack products such as rabokki, tteokbokki and enoki. The price is very affordable, starting from IDR 7,000 to IDR 38,000.

5. Chef's Kimchi

Chef's Kimci is a distributor that sells kimchi with authentic flavors from Korea. The kimchi sold here is made from quality ingredients so it tastes delicious.

The kimchi sold by the fifth best Korean food distributor in Indonesia is mustard greens kimchi and radish kimchi in various sizes.

Apart from that, they also sell tteokbokki, gochugaru and jjajangmyeon. The selling price starts from IDR 25,000 to IDR 139,000.

So, that's information about several Korean food business ideas and several Korean food distributors/suppliers in Indonesia.

If you want to pursue this culinary business, the opportunity to make big profits is wide open.SOURCE

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