If you love baking, why not turn your passion into a business? Starting a BBQ business is a great way to share your love of grilling with others, and there are many ways to make it a success.

The culinary business is currently increasingly growing. Food trends and popularity are rapidly growing through various media. It's not surprising that consumers are enthusiastic about trying the food offered by culinary businesses. One type of food that is currently popular is Korean food. In Indonesia, this country's specialty of ginseng is also appearing in various restaurants.

The popularity of Korean food or what is usually called K-Food is increasing through Korean dramas which were already famous. In this drama, eating scenes are always inserted to arouse the audience's appetite. Among the many Korean food menus, barbecue beef is one of the most sought after by consumers. The typical way of eating it, namely by grilling it and eating it wrapped in fresh lettuce, is a special attraction. Therefore, the Korean BBQ culinary business actually has opportunities.

Still Minimal Competitors

Unfortunately, the increasingly popular name for Korean food is not in line with the availability of restaurants in various regions. For big cities in Indonesia like Surabaya, Korean food is limited. Generally they only open outlets in Jabodetabek. This is because existing restaurants sell complete Korean food menus, but not all of the menus are necessarily liked by buyers. However, this is different from Korean BBQ, because it can be said that almost everyone likes beef. So this business has opportunities, especially in cities outside Jabodetabek, especially if it is sold at a cheap price.

How much is cheap Korean BBQ?

Generally, Korean BBQ restaurants sell a set of meat for IDR 100 thousand to IDR 300 thousand. Depends on the type of food served, such as all you can eat or served at a package price. However, the price of IDR 100 thousand is indeed the cheapest for a Korean BBQ menu, considering that there must be a lot of pieces of meat.

Therefore, opening a culinary business requires quite a large amount of capital. Apart from the basic ingredients of meat and other complementary ingredients (such as vegetables, spices, etc.), you must also provide cooking utensils or meat grills at each consumer's table.

Tips for Opening a Korean BBQ Culinary Business

Select Restaurant Type

As said before, you must first choose the type of restaurant you want to open. Is it a food package sales system or all you can eat? For all you can eat, you have to make additional regulations for consumers. For example, meal time is limited to 90 minutes. This is to prevent losses, because without a limited time, consumers will be free to take food. Meanwhile, for Korean BBQ dishes with a package system, it will be easier for you to manage your income and expenses.

Estimate Cost

Apart from that, you also have to do research to estimate the amount of capital needed in this culinary business. A set of Korean meat grills is usually sold for IDR 300 thousand. Meanwhile, beef per 500 grams costs IDR 70 thousand. Of course, you can get this price cheaper if you buy in large quantities.

Look for Partners

For the sustainability of the Korean BBQ culinary business, you also have to look for partners who supply food ingredients (meat, vegetables, etc.) and cooking equipment. Apart from being easy to get the goods you need, having a work partner also opens up opportunities to get prices for materials that are cheaper than normal prices. So you can reduce capital costs.SOURCE

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