The Kopi Kenangan franchise is a popular brand in Indonesia. This business serves a varied coffee menu, ranging from typical Indonesian flavors to non-coffee drinks such as Thai Tea, Green tea , bubble tea and others. 

This business is also unique because it presents menu names based on “memories”.

Everyone wants a new taste breakthrough. One of the businesses that sells coffee drinks is Kopi Kenangan, and apparently there is news of a Coffee Memories Franchise too. 

Memories Coffee is one of the current coffee brand business ventures, which can be said to be successful in Indonesia. In 2022, there will be 672 outlets spread across 45 Indonesian cities.

Not to mention that Kopi Kenangan has become the first unicorn business operating in the F&B (Food and Beverage) sector. Unicorn itself is a term for startup companies with a valuation of up to US$ 1 billion.

But the question now is whether there really is a Kopi Kenangan franchise ? Moreover, this business already has hundreds of outlets in Indonesia. If you are curious, you must first know the information about the Kopi Kenangan Franchise. 

What is the Kopi Kenangan Franchise? 

Almost the same as the Janji Jiwa franchise . The Kopi Kenangan franchise is a local Indonesian coffee brand with a grab and go concept. This concept is an adaptation of people who now like to order something and then immediately start doing other activities. You could say it's almost the same as a drive thru. 

Because it is famous for being consistent in presenting its products. The Kopi Kenangan franchise always uses the best coffee bean products, where the coffee beans themselves are planted directly by farmers.

The coffee bean products used are also obtained from the city of Banjarnegara. The reason for using Banjarnegara coffee beans is because they have a relatively small caffeine content, namely around 0.8 percent to 1.5 percent.

Apart from that, these coffee beans were selected as the best coffee beans at the 2017 Nusantara Coffee Festival. They are often sought after by local and foreign coffee connoisseurs. 

The most famous product from this coffee business is Memories of Former Coffee. The combination of the sweet, sweet taste of original Indonesian palm sugar, original coffee from Banjarnegara and milk will make anyone fall in love with this product. Of course, there are many other menus that are no less delicious. 

chocolate ice

How do you join the Kopi Kenangan non-franchise? 

Because this business is a startup. So Kopi Kenangan's partnership takes the form of sharing shares. You have to buy a number of shares to be the owner of Kopi Kenangan. 

But unfortunately at this time shares in this business are not open to the public. If you want to join, you can contact the management of this business directly to become an investor. So you don't need to be discouraged if there is no opportunity to franchise Kopi Kenangan. 

Kenangan Coffee Franchise Fees

As we know, Memories Coffee does not actually open its business as a franchise. because the CEO himself has shown no signs of opening a partner.

However, if you still want to do Kopi Kenangan business, you can only join the management of this coffee brand as a  share holder. 

This means that you will be asked to become one of the shareholders of Kopi Kenangan. But of course the calculation will be different if you only have one coffee shop.

Memories Coffee Turnover 

It is estimated that the price of each cup of memorable coffee is approximately Rp. 20,000.

Then monthly sales reached 1.5 million glasses per month. maybe around 30 million glasses per month from 600 outlets.

This means that Kopi Kenangan has a monthly turnover of around Rp. 30 billion from 600 outlets.Source

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