Shawarma is a typical Middle Eastern fast food. Shawarma is a culinary dish in the form of flatbread containing slices of beef or mutton that are grilled and mixed with sauce and vegetables. Shawarma is a very popular street food throughout the Middle East.

If we talk about the food industry, the sales are higher every year compared to the previous one, and thanks to the extended purchasing power of the consumers with food that these businesses have always flourished. One of the well-known and commonly consumed food items is Shawarma. It entered the market as a food item recently and since then it has been winning the hearts of various foodies, making this business a potential and demanding one. However, to set up this business you need not re-invent the wheel, you can take a franchise of Mr. Shawarma and begin.

Profitable Shawarma Franchise Investments: You Need to Know these

Before taking any Franchise of a brand, it is significant to understand the background of the same, the strong points, the success of their product, types, and so on. 

  • Currently Mr. Shawarma is a brand that has its outlets across four different locations such as Punjab, Chandigarh, Khanar, and Delhi regions. They have a unique style of serving their customer with the food and the well-talked hospitality. 
  • Mr. Shawarma offers three types of Franchise to business owners, they are Cloud Kitchen based Shawarma Franchise model, take away Franchise of Shawarma Rolls, and Dine-in Shawarma Franchise Model. 
  • Mr. Shawarma also provides various facilities to the Franchise holders such as providing all the crockeries, equipment, the training necessary for Chefs and staff, tie-ups with Food aggregators like Zomato and Swiggy. These are the few of the many services provided by Mr. Shawarma brand to its Franchise holders.

Area Required

There are certain criteria or requirements that have to be fulfilled by businesses for acquiring the Franchise model. According to the type of Franchise you choose, that is either dine-in or takeaway types, the area required would vary. For takeaway, you would require 250 sq. feet of area, as for a dine-in you would require 300 sq. feet of area. The location criteria is a residential area, high street, or a market area.

Profit percentage

In the end, we choose a Franchise on the basis of 3 factors that is, Investment, brand name, and profit. Mr. Shawarma offers a good return on investment, it gives you a 5% profit overall, and 40% on each sale. Considering the services that are provided by Mr. Shawarma to its Franchisee, the profit percentage is good.

Steps to Start Mr. Shawarma Franchise 

After understanding all the crucial details related to Mr. Shawarma, it is time to know the necessary steps for starting this business and acquiring the above franchise. Once you have acquired the Franchise by contacting the concerned numbers, you are almost ready to start your own business.

  • Selecting the type of Franchise 
    As we discussed already you have three types of Franchise options available with Mr. Shawna, Cloud Kitchen, Takeaway outlet, or a Mr, Shawarma Dine-in. According to your investment capacity and vision for your business, you can select the best outlet. There is no major difference in all of them, except the variety of food available and the chances of a sale. 
  • Research and Location 
    Once you confirm the type of Franchise to go with, the next step is to research the potential locations where you can set up your business. Research is an important part of any business openings, you can choose a high-profile area and sell in good numbers, or select a tier-2 area and sell with a less profit margin. Anyway, your location would matter a lot for achieving the desired results. 
  •  Acquiring Licenses 
    In India, you cannot start your business unless you have acquired all the necessary licenses and permits that are mandatory for your business. If we talk about Franchise Business related to Food and beverages, you would require various licenses such as FSSAI License, GST Registration, Municipal Health Trade License, Fire License, etc. To avoid any legal trouble, it would be recommended to acquire all of these licenses before starting your business. 
  • Marketing  
    If you are having a Cloud Kitchen-based Mr. Shawarma Franchise, then your business would begin right away. However, if you have a Takeaway outlet or a dine-in area, it would probably take a month for the Mr. Shawarma brand to arrange and take care of all the crockeries and tables giving you ample of time to set up your marketing strategy. You are backed by a brand name, but you need to have your own marketing strategies, to promote your business.


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