Do you have an interest in running a barbecue business? Barbeque is the activity of cooking/grilling meat using indirect heat.

he home BBQ business could be one of the opportunities to make money in the last year. Even in 2021, businesses with this concept will continue to experience quite rapid growth.

The origin of Korean style BBQ or barbeque or Korean bbq is a culinary delight enjoyed by Korean people since 800 years ago. About 800 years ago, BBQ was thin and all-seasoned meat like bulgogi. However, nowadays they usually use charcoal grills and thin wood. Now it can even be served with or without spices. BBQ is also starting to be eaten by various levels of society.

Initially, BBQ was enjoyed by Koreans from all walks of life and they ate it anytime and anywhere. There is no distinction between food classes, all Korean people usually eat it when they come home from activities accompanied by soju drinks. But actually, in the past, BBQ was only eaten by royal members and that too with pork because it was cheaper than beef. But now in the modern era, Korean people use a tool called a BBQ pan to cook BBQ. Some are round, some are square.

How to Start a Home BBQ Business to Make It Successful

Have Knowledge about BBQ Business

Before starting a home BBQ business, you must have some knowledge about entrepreneurship. If you have these provisions, then you will be better able to recognize products, how to produce them, organize operations or procure new products, market them, and manage operational capital. Most importantly, you can apply that knowledge to your home BBQ business.

Prepare Business Needs

One of the important things in starting a home BBQ business is preparing all the needs of the business. Starting from operations to finance. Operations include products used such as basic ingredients. For this, try to look for quality ingredients at cheaper prices. You must be able to manage the financial inflow and outflow in the business you run so that the business runs smoothly.

Pay attention to raw materials and product appearance

Tools and raw materials are important business needs that must be prepared before starting a business. With complete and quality raw materials and equipment, you can serve home BBQ with a taste that maintains its quality. Apart from that, you can also attract the attention of potential consumers by displaying attractive photos of BBQ products.

Create Safe Packaging

Create packaging that is attractive, unique, and of course safe. This is because product packaging is part of business branding. Good product packaging that reaches customers is proof of professionalism. As well as showing the quality of the products you offer. Choose environmentally friendly packaging because it can be an added value. Even though it is still at the home level, it is very necessary to pay attention to the suitability and safety of the packaging used.

Talking about feelings, on social media

Create a social media account, apart from promotion, you can also use your storytelling skills to cover BBQ products. That way, you can add selling value without making it a hard sell. You can tell about the origin of BBQ, the process of making it, and even the benefits of consuming BBQ. That way, consumers will be closer and want to taste BBQ.

Patience and Persistence

Patience and persistence are important factors in starting a home BBQ business. As an entrepreneur, you are required to be patient and persistent in facing every problem that arises. You must be able to accept with grace all kinds of conditions that occur later. Like if business is quiet, you haven't made significant profits, etc.

Dare to Take Action

Dare to take action is one of the factors for the success of a home business. That way, you won't let your business only dwell on concepts. After you have the courage to take action, you must also have the courage to bear the risks and bad possibilities that will occur in your business.SOURCE

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