One of the herbal drink brands that is much sought after at the moment is Nova Dewi's Suwe Ora Jamu, where Dewi offers herbal products that are presented in a modern way so that they are able to reach many customers' requests.

Sip Profits from the Suwe Ora Jamu Jamu Shop

The traditional drink that is currently being brought back to life with a modern concept is Jamu. Nova Dewi Setiabudi tries to serve herbal medicine in a more popular style through a cafe called Suwe Ora Jamu Kedai Jamu dan Kopi.

Nova admitted that she got the inspiration to create a cafe that serves herbal medicine because she had difficulty finding herbal medicine since she moved to the capital city. In fact, this woman from Surabaya has been accustomed to consuming herbal medicine since she was little.

Apart from that, he also wants to reintroduce herbal medicine which was inherited from his ancestors as a health drink that can be consumed daily, not just used as medicine which has a bitter and unpleasant impression.

He also believes that people are now starting to care about health aspects, including consuming herbal medicines sold by traveling herbalists in several areas in Jakarta.

Profit from the Suwe Ora Jamu Jamu Shop

For this reason, with a cafe concept that is neatly designed with an atmosphere that feels like you are at home, it makes visitors feel more comfortable spending time while enjoying a variety of herbal medicine and other foods.

Apart from serving traditional herbal medicine produced by Jamu Iboe from Surabaya, Nova also presents processed herbal drinks which have been adapted and mixed with other ingredients, such as fruit and vegetables, thus creating herbal medicine with a taste that is friendlier to the guests' tongues.

When starting this business at the end of February 2013, Nova and her husband needed to spend around IDR 50 million as initial capital to renovate their previous shophouse. These funds were also used to provide an interior with a semi-classical style, as well as to provide raw materials for making herbal medicine.

“The capital is in addition to renting the shophouse, because coincidentally we already owned this place before. “Apart from that, to save more, we also brought in chairs and tables, as well as several other decorations from our own homes,” he explained.

The cafe, which is located on Jl Petogogan I, Gandaria, South Jakarta, consists of three floors. The first floor is intended for visitors who are reluctant to be exposed to cigarette smoke with a seating capacity of up to 30 people, while the third floor is a more open room that allows visitors to smoke cigarettes with a seating capacity of 32 people.

Nova admitted that when she first opened her cafe, the response from the public was not very good. However, as time goes by, supported by intensive promotional strategies, the number of visitors is slowly increasing.

Now, every day Suwe Ora Jamu is visited by around 150 people on weekdays, and up to 300 people on weekends. Each visitor is also estimated to spend around IDR 50,000, so the average daily turnover reaches IDR 7.5 million – IDR 15 million. Some of the strategies implemented include actively participating in bazaars and music activities.

Apart from that, he also uses the internet facilities provided on the internet, making it easier for people to find the location of his cafe. Apart from that, Suwe Ora Jamu has also opened two shops serving herbal medicine located at Cilandak Town Square and Pasar Santa. As well as providing delivery services, collaborating with  food delivery service providers .

“Even though this place is starting to be known, there is still a lot of homework that needs to be done, such as educating the wider community regarding the benefits of herbal medicine,” he said.

In the future, he also plans to enter the retail market with ready-to-drink bottled herbal medicine products which have been in production for the past two years.

Apart from that, he also immediately created  a mobile jamu bar , or a mobile herbal shop that could move to strategic locations.

Nova explained that this strategy would be implemented after his party had consistent production capacity for making ready-to-drink herbal medicine. “Jamu is like life, it requires a process, and every process must be enjoyed,” he said.


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