Taking a look at the frozen dimsum business that has the potential to bring in millions in profits

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Frozen dimsum business can be a new business idea with small capital. Nowadays, demand for fast food is on the rise again, you know. People's fast-paced lifestyle means that the prospect of frozen food always increases every year. One of the frozen food variants is frozen dimsum.

Dimsum comes from Cantonese which means snack. Usually eaten as breakfast in its home country, China. This food is indeed an option for families. So, frozen dimsum products were created. Several business actors have gained success from selling frozen dimsum. 

Mbak Widya's Dimsum Kitchen is able to sell 400 boxes per week 

Starting the business since 2017, Widya Iswara's dim sum has been distributed to Jakarta, Bekasi, Bogor, Tangerang, Bandung, Surabaya and other cities. In a week, Widya can sell 400-500 boxes. When I first started doing business, I only sold around 10 boxes per week.

The products include dim sum spring rolls, hakau, claws, and nori with red chili sauce and black pepper. The price is affordable too. He sells it for IDR 75-85 thousand per box containing 20-50 dimsum which lasts for 14 days. Everything is made with our own recipes. Now he has resellers in Tangerang, Bekasi and Bandung. The high spike in demand made Widya want to increase product variants and improve the quality of taste and service. Currently he still uses an online motorcycle taxi delivery system.

Stopping Being a Journalist, Ahmad Dhani Succeeds in Dimsum Business

Leaving his profession as a journalist, Ahmad Dhani chose to become a dim sum entrepreneur. Even now the business is successful and has five employees. The name of the business, Dimsum Haji Dhani.  With capital of IDR 10 million, this 38 year old man started his business in 2013 and now has 7 Dimsum Haji Dhani outlets in Jakarta and Depok.

Not only does he sell cooked dimsum, he also produces dimsum in frozen food form . The turnover achieved reached IDR 1.5 million/month. His gross income reaches IDR 500 million/year. Now the business he is running has passed BPOM to be sold on social media with a reseller concept. There are more than 50 resellers in the Jabodetabek, Batam and Pekanbaru areas.

Dhani sells dimsum with a unique menu, such as dimsum hisit you fill with pineapple, dimsum hisit you fill with star fruit, and dimsum hisit you fill with cheese. Following his friend's advice, it turned out that many consumers liked his innovation. Not only that, he also provides 13 other types of dimsum such as rambutan chicken ball dimsum, chicken dumplings, chicken carrot dumplings, money bags, fire shrimp and many more.

Tips for Starting a Frozen Food Dimsum Business

Maximize the freezer you already have, no need to buy a new one, especially at the start of your business. Market it to the people closest to you first and look for testimonials on the taste. Maintain product quality, don't lose customer trust.

Record financial ins and outs, no matter how small, separate them from personal money. The frozen food business just requires seriousness. Have the confidence to offer products to potential consumers.Source

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