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These days, the drinking culture coffee is becoming a trend among young people. Not only does it quench thirst, coffee has also become the identity and lifestyle of young people in the capital. Uniquely, the growing culture of drinking coffee is also being looked at by several Indonesian artists as a way for their business.

Recently, the coffee shop franchise business is on the rise. Many entrepreneurs and even actors take this opportunity to open coffee shop businesses.

No exception, Deva Mahenra, an actor who chose to develop his coffee shop franchise business, namely Foresthree Coffee. Managed together with Haidhar Wurjanto and several other colleagues, this business is classified as having very promising potential and opportunities. Because the trend of drinking coffee is becoming a lifestyle for urban communities.

Of course, with a franchise system, a partner does not need to re-brand. Coupled with the popularity of Deva Mahenra and the mature management system of the well-known F&B entrepreneur, Haidhar Wurjanto, this business has very minimal risks and can more easily reach consumers. In fact, the franchise prices offered are quite affordable.

So, how much capital is needed, the requirements and how to join the Foresthree Coffee franchise? The following is the complete Business review.

Foresthree Coffee Franchise Business Opportunities

Launching from Instagram, Foresthree Coffee is a franchise coffee drink business founded by actor Deva Mahendra together with Haidhar Wurjanto, Ezar Alkafia, and Hendy Setiono. Foresthree Coffee is known to have been started in 2016 in Bogor, West Java.

With the high number of new players in the coffee shop business, the Foresthree business has innovated its menu to make it look different and more attractive. Where, Foresthree Coffee serves coffee variations, aka contemporary coffee with various mixtures, for example ice cream, chocolate and others at affordable prices.

Not only that, by carrying out the full concept of dine-in and take away, this is intended so that consumers can choose whether to eat on the spot or not while still feeling comfortable. As a result, the products from the targeted market segment are quite broad. So, it's not surprising that each outlet is always busy with customers.

Now, based on Instagram Highlights which were updated in September 2022, Foresthree Cofee has 95 outlets operating and spread out, from Jabodetabek, Semarang, Solo, Jogja, Surabaya to outside Java, such as Jambi and Pekanbaru.

Forestthree Coffee Franchise Fees

To open a Forestthree Coffee franchise, the costs offered are somewhat more affordable, compared to cafes in general. Foresthree Coffee management offers packages priced at around IDR 150 million. With this price, prospective partners will get coffee machine facilities, cooking equipment, systems, training, branding and interior design.

However, you still have to be prepared to allocate part of your budget for location rental, raw materials and employee costs. Because, the Forestthree Coffee franchise not only offers drinks, but also food variants. So, you have to allocate costs to hire kitchen staff and ensure the kitchen operates well.

Foresthree Coffee Franchise Terms

To become a Forestthree Coffee partner, prospective partners must first have a place of business. Make sure the location is easy to reach and is in a strategic place so that it is easy to attract consumers. The management stipulates that the minimum area for the Foresthree work area is 2 x 5 square meters. Foresthree Coffee Franchise Collaboration Scheme Quoting from Sasame Coffee, in developing its business, the Foresthree Coffee Franchise management team implements a full operation system, where partners fully execute the existing business. Later, there will be a profit sharing of 60 to 40 percent, namely 60 percent for partners and 40 percent for management, this value is taken from net profit.

How to Join the Foresthree Coffee Franchise

Launching from Foresthree Coffee's official Instagram, for potential partners who are interested, please contact the Franchise management directly. Later, prospective partners must have prepared complete personal documents and plans for the location or area for opening a Forestthree Coffee outlet.Source

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