Cheese Tea is a ‘collaboration' drink from original tea with cream cheese, resulting in a distinctive taste and is loved by many people. Tea mixed with cream cheese? Does it really taste good?

Contemporary drinks continue to mushroom. One of them is cheese tea which is being loved by many people. Cheese foam tea or nagai tea, which we know better as cheese tea, is actually a processed tea with a new concept originating from Taiwan.

Trying out Cheese Tea Business Opportunities

Combining Chinese teas with cheese foam as a topping. This contemporary concept of serving tea seems to be selling well, until it has finally reached China, the United States, Malaysia, Thailand and even Indonesia.

Sellers of contemporary drinks are increasingly mushrooming, especially in urban malls. Various brands have emerged, one of which is the Acetehe brand

The popular drink franchise @asetehe, which has existed since 2013, has launched a new menu that uses cheese foam plus brown sugar.

Dyah Ayu, Marketing Supervisor of Asetehe, said that this drink variant, called cheese tea with brown sugar, will provide a different sensation from other cheese teas.

The menu served at this modern beverage franchise outlet is more varied than at other cheese tea outlets. Here, visitors are not only given a variety of cheese drinks, but there are also milkshakes and Thai tea, which were previously successfully accepted by the market.

Contemporary Cheese Tea Drink Business Opportunities

Asetehe is a beverage business whose packaging uses a pouch and cup, both of which have cute and contemporary quotes written on them, so they are very popular with the millennial market.

“With a very cheap business package, starting from 3 million Asetehe, it creates a big opportunity for those who want to have a business with small capital. With small capital, everyone can become an entrepreneur, according to our visa,” said Dyah.

With this business package, he said, franchise buyers will get 3 contemporary menus, namely milkshakes, Thai tea and cheese drinks. Asetehe also provides a beverage franchise package using a container-style booth with an investment of only IDR 9.5 million, which is now being offered for only IDR 7.5 million.Source

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