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There is always something new in the world of the contemporary beverage business, if previously there were boba drinks and Thai tea, now there are also contemporary chocolate-based drinks. One of these beverage businesses is the co choc franchise.Contemporary drink franchises that use chocolate as raw materials seem to deserve more attention.

What is the Co Choc Franchise?

For young business people, business success like this can indeed be an inspiration. Friends who are interested in doing business or perhaps interested in becoming a Co Choc Franchise partner need to know more about this drink.

Co Choc is a contemporary, high quality drink made from premium chocolate and fresh milk with a French ganache-style processing.

The owner of this business is Mitra Boga Ventura which has been established since 2018 for the first time in Bandung.

To date, there are more than 22 Co Choc franchise outlets spread across around 10 cities in Indonesia. Friends, you can find this princess outlet in various cities such as Tangerang, Padang, Yogyakarta, Bekasi, Bandung, Medan, Jakarta and other big cities.

This contemporary coffee franchise still exists today because it always prioritizes quality and delicious taste. The processing is also very careful so that there are still fans of this drink to this day.

Even though more and more types of contemporary drinks are appearing, Co Choc lovers are still loyal to choose and enjoy it when they are thirsty.

The appearance of drinks from the Co Choc Franchise is very unique and interesting. This delicious drink is made from the thick chocolate sauce that we often find in luxury desserts. The manufacturing technique is not haphazard so the results are very special and different from other drinks.

The basic ingredients for making this drink come from various regions such as Sulawesi, Java and Sumatra. When you taste it, you will feel a fresh sensation. The thick texture of the drink with a chocolate taste makes you always want to try it again.

Friends, of course you are curious about the name of this brand. Co Choc is the name of the abbreviation for comfort of chocolate. The ingredients for this drink all come from Indonesia. This business actor invites local chocolate farmers to produce high quality chocolate which later becomes the basic ingredient for making this delicious drink. No wonder Co Choc is also one of the best-selling coffee franchises today.

One of the visions and missions of the Co Choc Franchise is to work wholeheartedly to create success together with its partners. It has been proven that this business has succeeded in achieving success together and is able to bring prosperity to its partners.

Co Choc Franchise Menu Choices

Even though Co Choch is synonymous with chocolate drinks, there are various other flavors available. Friends, you can find 10 kinds of special flavors, including classic cocolatte, signature dark chocolate, choco strawberry, matcha, choco army, red velvet, west Java, Sumatra, Thai tea and Thai tea cocolatte.

One of the flavor choices that customers like the most is Signature Dark Chocolate, which costs around IDR 15,000 per glass. This price is relatively affordable because the quality of this contemporary drink is guaranteed, starting from the basic ingredients to the manufacturing process.

How to Become a Co Choc Franchise Partner

The special features of this contemporary drink make many people interested in becoming a franchise partner. The requirements to be able to join as a Partner are not much different from other franchises.

The conditions that you must fulfill if you want to join as one of the partners are business documents and investment funds. You also need to prepare your business location, for example whether the location is strategic or not.

One location that is often used as a place to sell contemporary drinks is near markets, near schools or campuses, and other strategic places. Choosing a location is a very important requirement because it can determine the success of this beverage business.

We need to understand that even though this is a coffee drink, it is a contemporary drink that people are always looking for every day. Especially if the location is near an office or campus, then at lunch or evening customers will definitely look for a coffee shop to hang out .

After completing the documents and requirements, you also have to prepare money as partnership costs. To become a Co Choc Franchise partner, you need business capital of around 135 million rupiah. This partnership may not be the type of modern small capital beverage business as we discussed previously. However, for friends who have that budget , this could be a bright opportunity.

With this fee, you will get a partnership fee for up to 3 years. Another advantage is getting a place design worth 80 million rupiah, raw materials and equipment at a price of 15 million rupiah, as well as a sales booth at a price of 40 million rupiah.

If you are interested in becoming one of these business partners, you can register directly by coming to the office or by telephone at +62 878 4002 7985. Apart from that, you can also register via email at

This business has had quite a long experience so you don't need to worry about its credibility. Apart from using WA or contacting via email, you can also directly visit Co Choc's official IG at @co.choc.

Before becoming a partner, you need to get complete information about various things related to this business. Don't hesitate to contact Co Choc to get clearer information.

Advantages of the Co Choc Franchise

The franchise business is very interesting because partners don't have to feel confused about planning the products they have to sell. Apart from that, if you choose to become a business partner for the Co Choc Franchise, you will get many other advantages, including:

1. Affordable Products

2. Brand Populer

3. Unique and Different Products

4. Design from the Center

5. Expert-Backed Marketing

This business is very interesting and offers many advantages. The only drawback of this business is that it requires large enough capital to become one of the partners. This will probably only be possible for those who already have capital of at least 135 million.Source

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