Churros are a typical Spanish food and are also known as Spanish donuts.

The difference with the commonly known donuts, which are round and hollow in the middle, churros are actually long and have a jagged texture.

What they have in common is that they use flour and eggs and use additional sprinkles of powdered sugar and chocolate sauce.

You can consider the churros business if you are planning to start a business. This typical Spanish snack has an appetizing taste. Churros, which taste more “relaxed” in the mouth, deserve to be world famous.

This elongated sweet snack can be found in various countries. The reason is, churros are one of the oldest snack recipes made from water and flour dough. The taste is almost the same, namely slightly sweet and crunchy. Authentic churros use powdered sugar topping as a topping. But now this snack comes in various other toppings.

Globally, the versions of churros in other countries are different. Disney has long been interested in churros as a snack, in fact, in April last year, Disney released churros for sale in their theme parks under the name Disney “Churro Bites”. The Madrid version uses baking powder so the texture is puffier and airier. Meanwhile in Spain, churros are served with a mug filled with dark dark chocolate as a dip.

How to Start a Churros Business

The potential for the churros business in Indonesia is promising. The reason is that this typical Spanish snack is liked by many people and has a good market share. The ingredients are easy to find, making it easier for you to start your business. You don't need a lot of capital. So how do you start a churros business?

You can start this business with affordable capital, because the business can be started from a home scale. Anyone can start this business. Production is easy and the profits are large. The raw materials needed to make churros are wheat flour, cooking oil, salt, eggs, powdered sugar, granulated sugar, liquid milk, cornstarch, chocolate bars, unsalted butter, ground cinnamon and toppings according to taste. The equipment can also be found in your own kitchen, such as a gas stove, frying pan, plastic churros maker, spatula, fryer and so on.

To sell it, look for the right, strategic and busy location. Choose a location that has high business prospects and is close to activity centers such as schools, shopping centers, entertainment venues, hospitals, city parks, campuses, etc. Or if you choose to do business at home, then use an online system that can be delivered by online motorcycle taxis which are increasingly easy to find.

If you choose a business with an online system, prepare a contact who can be contacted to receive orders. Use social media as a promotional tool so that market reach is easier to get and wider. Social media like Instagram can help your business grow faster. At the start of a small business, there is no need to recruit many employees. Because churros can be run with one employee first to begin with. The price can also be sold cheaply, namely IDR 8-10 thousand per portion.

Capital Analysis for Starting a Business

Capital analysis for the churros business, the assumption is that if you spend funds to invest in business equipment and supplies of IDR 4 million with fixed costs of IDR 850 thousand. Meanwhile, the total variable costs for buying raw materials, paying for water, electricity, buying gas and renting a place cost IDR 12 million. So the total operational costs of this business are fixed costs plus total variable costs, namely IDR 12.85 million.

Meanwhile, for daily income, you can sell 50 portions of churros which are priced at IDR 10 thousand per portion. So, the income is IDR 500 thousand. With this, the monthly income that will be obtained is IDR 15 million. So the profit you can achieve per month is total income minus total operational costs, namely IDR 3 million. To calculate the payback period, the total investment minus the profit is less than a month.

Unique Ideas for Processing Churros

There are many unique and interesting ideas for processing churros into a business that promises profits. Some of the things you can try are churros with ice cream sandwiches. These churros are made in a circle shape and are topped with ice cream and covered again with churros. Second, make churros with lots of contemporary flavors. You can make churros flavored with matcha, Oreo, red velvet, black forest, taro and so on.

Third, serve churros shaped like lollipops. By adding lollipop sticks or ice cream sticks, you can make a unique dish from churros with increasingly varied flavors. Make churros in a circle shape then add toppings on top to make them even more delicious and attractive. Add toppings such as nuts, chocolate or caramel sauce, or grated cheese.

Fourth, apart from straight elongated and circular churros, churros can be made in various shapes. One thing you can try is making heart-shaped churros. These heart-shaped churros topped with powdered sugar and cinnamon can be enjoyed with warm chocolate milk. By dipping the churros in warm chocolate milk, the churros will be more delicious and softer.

Can be combined with warm or cold drinks

Fifth, although churros are generally served with various menus to be dipped with something warm such as warm chocolate milk or warm coffee. But it turns out that churros are also delicious served with ice cream. You can just make the churros in a straight, elongated shape as usual. Just add some toppings on top of the churros such as chocolate powder or colorful corn flakes. Then put the churros into the ice cream cup. So ice cream with churros topping can be enjoyed by dipping it with soft ice cream.

Sixth, enjoying churros can be done in various ways. The reason is that this typical Spanish snack has a taste that everyone likes. If churros generally taste a little sweet with sweet toppings, then you can enjoy churros with savory toppings or fillings. The taste is no less delicious than usual sweet churros. Add toppings such as mushrooms or minced meat like the toppings used for pizza.

Lastly, if you have tried the savory toppings and fillings. So there's no harm in trying another version of churros. You can create churros dough so that it has a spicy and savory taste. You can create this spicy savory taste with spicy cheese sauce as a dip. The way to eat it is the same as chocolate dipped churros. The difference is, if usually the taste of the dip is sweet, now it is spicy and savory.

So, there are lots of unique churros creations and ideas for starting a business, right? What are you waiting for?! Come on, get into the churros business and feel the profits! SOURCE

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