This business is said to have great prospects, considering the public's need for a variety of culinary delights which are not only limited to weddings, but also include other needs such as catering for office needs, hospital catering, and many others. 

The home catering business's target market is households, boarding children, employees, orders for boxed rice, tumpeng rice, and others. Interested? Understand how to analyze the business before starting a catering business. 

A home catering business has the opportunity to reap huge profits. The reason is that people's habits in meeting the needs of their stomachs have changed. In the past, most households routinely cooked at home every day. Now, the opposite. Most couples and singles prefer to buy food outside through Go Food, Grab Food, Shopee Food. 

The reason is because in terms of practicality and cost, it is cheaper to buy ready-made food or subscribe to catering. Discounts, menu variations, and deliciousness are considered, compared to cooking at home. Therefore, the home catering business has a good opportunity. 

Home Catering Business Analysis

Home catering business can be started with small capital. By using the home kitchen and cooking equipment available, this home business can be started. The calculation is as follows: 

Monthly Operating Costs

  • Foodstuffs Rp 100,000 x 30 days = Rp 3,000,000
  • Gas 3 kg @ Rp 18,000 x 10 cans = Rp 180,000 
  • Employee salary = Rp 1,500,000
  • Transportation = Rp 300,000
  • Electricity and water = Rp 500,000
  • Promotion = Rp 500,000 
  • Others = Rp 500,000 
  • Total = Rp 6,480,000 

Monthly Sales Revenue

  • It is assumed that the daily sales revenue is 30 portions x Rp 15,000 (price per portion) = Rp 450,000 
  • So in one month the average sales revenue is Rp450,000 x 30 days = Rp13,500,000

Monthly Profit 

  • Sales revenue – Operating costs = Profit 
  • Rp 13,500,000 – Rp 6,480,000 = Rp 7,020,000 

This home catering business analysis is an example of cost components and how to get profit from the business. Meanwhile, the price depends on each region. The cost of promotion is still estimated, but it may be large in value at the beginning of the home catering business, and then shrinks in the following months. 

On the other hand, sales results are expected to increase from month to month in line with the increasing recognition of the taste and quality of food in your home catering business. 

The importance of making a business analysis is that you have planning, research and survey, estimate or predict and evaluate home culinary business activities. Although starting from a small scale, business analysis still needs to be done. It is useful so that you can avoid all the bad possibilities that happen when the business is running. Any business has its own risks.

How to Start a Home Catering Business

1. Cheapest Price Survey for Grocery Shopping 

A home catering business can be started after you conduct a price survey of operational costs. From the business analysis above, it can be seen that the largest cost component comes from food costs. Therefore, you need to get the price of a quality food supplier that is the cheapest in its class. Because you will shop routinely every day, maybe you can ask for the wholesale price or the price of goods delivered to your home so as to save on transportation costs. By reducing daily operational costs, your profit potential will increase.  

2. Home Catering Business Menu Price Survey Around You 

It is important for beginners in the home catering business to provide the best catering menu prices. The best does not mean the cheapest, but it is also not the most expensive. So, the price is in the middle. The price that suits the market conditions and the quality of the menu will certainly be able to attract potential customers to try your home catering menu. Therefore, do a home catering price survey around you, at least within a radius of 0-2 km from your kitchen.

3. Determine the Target Market of your Home Catering Business

Home catering business, as stated at the beginning of this article, the target market is households, children, employees, orders for boxed rice, tumpeng rice, and others. By making a clear target market, it will be clearer for you in determining the price of the menu or catering package that you will sell to potential customers. 

If the environment around the kitchen location of your home catering business is inhabited by students, then you can target them as the target market for your home catering culinary business. Menu variations every day, saving packages, discounts, will certainly attract more attention for the 17-23 year olds. 

4. Preparing Capital

After obtaining a clear and detailed picture of the operational costs and menu prices of the home culinary business you will start, the next thing you should do is prepare the capital. Talking about capital, then not only talking about financial capital but also mental and spiritual capital. It's called pioneering a business, of course you will find various obstacles every day. Without having a strong spiritual mental capital, you could be mentally ill and end up throwing in the towel sooner, before the flag of your home catering business flies.

Meanwhile, the financial capital you need to start this home catering business should come from savings as much as possible. So that you are not burdened by loan interest for borrowing bank funds to start a home catering business. 

5. Pay attention to the Catering Menu Variations

A menu that is just that will obviously bore customers. Therefore, home catering business people from the beginning of starting this business need to make a list of menus in a week which will then be rotated with different menus in the next towns. This is to avoid the saturation or boredom of catering customers. You can also provide several menu options every day to customers, so that they feel comfortable in subscribing to your home catering. 

6. Determine Payment Method in Home Catering Business

A smooth flow of money is the hope of all business people of any kind, home catering businesses are no exception. Therefore, in starting this home catering business, you must also be clever in managing the flow of money, both incoming and outgoing money, so that it runs smoothly. 

In addition, you also need to keep up with technological developments in the case of non-cash or cashless payments . Especially if the target market of your home catering business is young people or millennials. Non-cash payments should find a place in the circulation of money in the home catering business. 

7. Promote Home Catering Business on Social Media 

Social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter are powerful promotional media in home catering business marketing. You can use it as often as possible to attract the attention of potential customers. Create promotional content in the form of interesting photos, pictures, and videos and upload it to the social media of your home culinary business. Use the story feature on Instagram and Facebook for daily promotion of the business you are starting. 

8. Neat and Classy Finish

Food packaging techniques are also important in starting your home culinary business. Creativity is very necessary in this regard. In addition, you also need to pay attention to the hygiene and safety factors of the packaging. Do not rely too much on plastic packaging. 


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