8 Strategies for starting and developing a catering business so that orders sell well

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Friends, there are a number of business ideas in the culinary sector that offer promising opportunities, one of which is the food service or catering business. The most basic thing is that food is a basic need for every individual, so the demand for food will always be there every day.

The catering business is one of the businesses that is on the rise during the pandemic, this business is very suitable for those of you who have a hobby of cooking. 

You only need cooking equipment and minimal capital, you can start this home business straight away. Usually people will need catering for various occasions such as office meetings, birthdays, weddings and other events.
So, for those of you who want to start this business so that it can be successful and grow, of course you need an accurate strategy. As we know, nowadays everything is online. If you run your catering business using a conventional style, you can be sure that your catering business will not develop. For this reason, you need to study the catering 

business strategy that you are running so that it can grow rapidly.

Strategy for building a catering business

  • Target market research

The first strategy you have to do to start a catering business is to do target market research. This is an important point, because it will be useless if you have a catering business, but don't have a target market.
Before starting a catering business, try to do research first about your target market, such as whether your target is a residential area, office or  

apartment  and get to know all the existing competitors. Pay attention to menu variations, services, and prices offered by your catering competitors. From here you can find out later whether your catering business can compete or not. By conducting target market research, you can at least set competitive catering prices and a more varied food menu.

  • Prepare capital and equipment

Calculate clearly all the spending budget needed to buy kitchen equipment. Especially if you only have a little capital, therefore make sure you only buy cooking equipment that suits your needs.

In this way, the money spent is truly in accordance with the main plan. So if you still have money left over, you can save it which can later be used for other urgent needs.
Apart from buying cooking equipment, estimating food raw materials is also an important concern in the world of catering. 

Don't buy excess food ingredients even if they are stored in the refrigerator. However, it is better to buy it the day before the big day so that the food remains fresh and can minimize losses due to expiration.

  • Pay attention to product quality

Make sure the quality of your catering food products is always well controlled. Every food must be hygienic, there should be no ants, flies or other insects that could make consumers reluctant to consume it.

What's more, if your catered food can cause mass poisoning due to poor quality control of food products. By always paying attention to product quality in every delivery, you can maintain the good name of your catering business.

  • Take advantage of social media

So that more people know about your catering business, use social media as an effective promotional tool. You can use social media such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and other platforms. However, if you want to look more professional, you can use the 

  • Provide good service

Apart from being able to provide good quality products, providing good service to consumers is also an important point in the world of catering business. In this case, you can also use 

Olsera as a means of communication and provide clear information to consumers.

Olsera also provides features for creating a catering business website that is easy to create even for lay people. By having your own business website, you can provide various important information to consumers online.

  • Focus on delivery

The presence of online delivery services is very helpful in the world of catering business. Especially if there are more and more orders every day. 

Use a trusted delivery service so that catered food can be delivered on time. In this way, consumers can enjoy it according to meal times or predetermined times without delays in delivery.

  • Attractive promotion

Providing interesting and different promos every time has become an effective strategy in the world of marketing. Always provide different and interesting promotions, according to the right moment so that consumers are interested in continuing to use your catering services.

  • Clear bookkeeping

In the world of catering business, calculating profit and loss in each transaction must be clear. If you still use manual bookkeeping, it will definitely be a bit of a hassle and take a lot of time.


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