In practice, coffee is made in various variants and types. This diversity makes the number of people who enjoy this bitter black seed diverse. Moreover, Indonesia is known as one of the best coffee producing countries in the world.

The Bhumi Coffee franchise is one that is quite recommended for outlet or coffee shop businesses. Especially if you remember one of the achievements where in 2019 it was able to create or open more than 200 outlets within a year. This is one of the coffee shops with the highest growth in Indonesia.

The Bhumi Coffee Franchise is Widespread with Hundreds of Outlets!

If you look at the value of this business, of course you can see that this partnership franchise is already widespread in Indonesia. With hundreds of outlets, it will certainly make it much easier for you to make a profit. The correct transaction method in the coffee business game of course starts with paying attention to segmentation and sales methods.

Varied menu

The first thing that is one of the advantages when you join this franchise or partnership is the variant menu. The menu variants that continue to develop are certainly an attraction for consumers. Of course, this daily menu must also be adjusted to future customer requests so changes must also be taken into account.

By looking at the varied variant menu, of course consumers will immediately buy. It is unlikely that consumers will think twice about buying a drink.

Elegant design

Elegant packaging design is also a very important attraction. This is also one of the most important because it means the look of a business. So if you want to get bigger profits, of course you need to pay attention to making this packaging attractive.

Apart from that, elegant interior design is also one of the most important factors. You should not ignore this condition because it could result in big losses in a transaction. If each transaction is managed well, of course development factors based on interior or exterior design will also influence purchasing decisions.

Local Indonesian seeds

By using local Indonesian beans, of course the coffee menu from this partnership will continue to be maintained. So Partnership actors don't need to be afraid. The availability of this menu will of course continue to be stable because the raw materials come from Indonesia.

With local Indonesian seeds, of course you will get lots of different flavors. You can play robusta or arabica as the basis for managing a basic menu of local Indonesian beans.

Partnership concept

There are two types of partnership concept, namely normal and express. You can open this partnership in roadside outlets or in malls. Of course, this is one of the important points that you must pay attention to.

The concept of these two types of partnership certainly has differences. With the Express partnership concept, of course you will get something more exclusive.

Estimated partnership value 85 million

It is estimated that the partnership value in this coffee outlet business could be estimated at 85 million. Of course, this is seen from how the brand is known to the public and also the profits it consistently obtains. Of course, there are many other factors that influence how high an estimate can be said to be.

However, if we refer to several other competitors who have succeeded in selling partnerships with the same value. Of course, the estimated value of 85 million still feels quite small. So in the future the estimated value of this business will continue to increase, especially if there is a take over franchise concept based on the sales value of the outlet.

If you want to get consistent profits from the coffee outlet business, of course you can choose this partnership. You will get convenience in transactions, which will definitely have a big impact on outlet sales. Not to mention if there is a promo method that is guaranteed to be safe and also has a positive impact.

How to Join the Bhumi Coffee Franchise?

To join this partnership, you can go directly to their social media. Make sure you get the best opportunity so that you can benefit from this type of partnership. Big profits can be made with the right methods and one of them is joining a coffee outlet partnership that is popular and has a high partnership value.Source

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