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Snacks or snacks cannot be separated from the eating culture of Indonesian society. It feels incomplete if you relax, watch and chat with your family without crunchy and tasty friends. Statista Global Consumer Survey predicts “every person in Indonesia will consume an average of 4.9 kg of snacks in 2021. Therefore, this segment can earn income of up to US$ 6.7 million.”

Spicy macaroni snacks have an increasing number of fans. The characteristic spicy taste makes anyone addicted to enjoying this snack, especially to accompany relaxing time.

Seeing the large number of people interested in this snack, it is definitely suitable as a promising business field, right? So, is Juragan interested in trying it? Let's take a look at the marketing opportunities and strategies for this snack business!

What are the Business Opportunities for Spicy Macaroni?

Starting a spicy macaroni business is indeed an attraction for skippers who want to start a business for the first time. How come?

This snack turns out to be popular with various groups because of its challenging taste. So, what are the business opportunities for this spicy macaroni?

1. Lots of fans

For skippers who want to start a business for the first time, the spicy macaroni business could be the right choice.

This is because this snack is popular with many people from various circles. Not only spicy macaroni, other flavor variants are also interesting enough to become people's choice.

The delicious taste makes this snack suitable to accompany your free time anywhere and anytime, especially since the price offered is very affordable.

2. Light capital

Apart from having lots of fans, the spicy fried macaroni business also requires low capital, you know! Even Juragan can start this business with capital under 1 million rupiah.

In this case, the skipper can choose to produce it himself or become a reseller of macaroni products from pre-existing brands.

Of course, both have different advantages so that the owner can make a choice according to the capital capabilities he has.

3. Big profits

There are so many fans of this spicy macaroni snack, so it's no surprise that sales have never fallen, in fact they tend to be stable and increasing.

This will certainly bring big profits to the Juragan. So, it is important for Juragan to pay attention to the quality and taste of the spicy macaroni produced.

4. Easy marketing

Today's business world has been made easier by the internet so that you can use it to reach a wider marketing reach.

With so many fans of this spicy fried macaroni, it is possible that marketing this product will be easy to do, both online and offline.

So, to make it easier for Juragan to market macaroni snack products, let's take a look at the marketing strategy below!

Spicy Macaroni Business Marketing Strategy

The culinary business is endless, including the spicy macaroni business. Apart from being suitable as a snack when relaxing, the price is also very affordable so it does not rule out the possibility of consumers making repeat orders.

So what is the right marketing strategy to achieve large turnover? Here's how!

1. Prepare attractive packaging

Nowadays, our people are easily attracted by snack product packaging that is attractive and different from others, such as this spicy fried macaroni.

To attract potential customers, Juragan can use attractive packaging. The owner can adjust the design of this snack packaging according to the intended target so that it hits the mark.

2. Maximize product photos

In maximizing product marketing, it is important for Juragan to be able to use eye-catching product photos.

So that Juragan's product photos are maximized, Juragan can use a reliable photographer who usually takes photos of food products. That way, Juragan's product photos will be better, right!

This cool product photo is suitable as a promotional tool, both online and offline.

3. Market via social media

Currently, social media has become the marketing spearhead for various businesses, including this spicy macaroni business.

Skippers can use social media that is currently popular in society, such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube, and others.

Juragan can even take advantage of paid advertising which can increase consumer traffic through social media.

By creating interesting content, potential customers will easily be attracted to the products that Juragan is selling. Are you ready to try it?

4. Selling products through the marketplace

Apart from promotions via social media, Juragan can also explore various marketplaces which are widely used in Indonesia as a sales tool, you know!

In this way, Juragan products will be more easily accessible to potential customers from various cities.

So the Juragan just needs to put up an attractive product photo and price so that potential customers can easily see it.

5. Sell products through offline stores

To make it easier for potential customers, Juragan can sell Juragan snack products through offline stores, you know!

The boss can open a shop in a strategic place to make this macaroni snack shop. However, this certainly requires quite a bit of capital,

For this reason, Juragan can leave Juragan's fried macaroni products in shops that sell snacks. Of course, this can also increase sales of Juragan snacks.

6. Use delivery services

The current way of doing business is made easier by the existence of various applications that can support Juragan's sales.

So, one way that Juragan can use is to take advantage of online delivery services .

Through the existing delivery application, Juragan customers can get the snacks they want quickly and easily via smartphone.

Just register your Juragan culinary business via the delivery service application which is currently widely used. We guarantee that Juragan's sales will increase!

7. Participate in events or fairs

A marketing strategy for the macaroni business that Juragan can try is taking part in events or fairs that suit Juragan's business.

Through this event, Juragan will gather with many other business people in one place. Even Juragan can easily set up a booth and market Juragan's products there.

In this way, Juragan products will be easily recognized by many visitors who come to the event.

8. Hold giveaways and special promotions

One way to attract potential customers is by holding a giveaway or special promo related to Juragan products.

Through this method, Juragan can introduce Juragan products to many people, right?

So, through giveaways , many potential consumers are competing to invite their friends to get Juragan products for free.

Meanwhile, special promos at certain events can also attract customers to get promo prices that are different from normal prices, such as 12.12 sale promos, savings promos, or other promos.Source

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