BBQ Business

This Korean fever can certainly be a good business opportunity and is currently busy in the franchise and partnership industry, one of which is the Korean BBQ menu.

Interested in running a BBQ business? You have to know tips for success and how to get started. That way, the business you do can bring maximum profits.

BBQ is a food culture that is currently gaining attention from Indonesian people.

You can use this momentum to start a BBQ business. For more details, let's see the review here!

Tips and How to Start a BBQ Business

the BBQ business is a business with great potential and promise. Plus, currently BBQ is a family's favorite event to spend vacation time together.

Not only Korean music and drama trends, Korean BBQ is also the attention of the wider public today. This encourages many entrepreneurs to be interested in running a BBQ and grill business .

If you are one of the entrepreneurs who is also interested, here are some tips you can follow!

1. Do Research

The first tip for starting a BBQ business is to do research. This research is carried out to help you determine capital and how many competitors there are.

This research will also give you data about the equipment, raw materials, and costs needed to get started.

Even though it takes quite a long time, this research is important for you to do. Therefore, before taking any other steps, you must and must do research.

2. Determine an Interesting Concept

To make your BBQ business attractive, you also have to determine the BBQ concept. Like the menu concept, namely all you can eat , a la carte , or you can also combine the two.

This concept is also related to the price and menu that you will provide. Therefore, you must consider the concept of running a BBQ business carefully.

3. Choose the Appropriate Place Concept

Apart from determining the BBQ business concept, you also have to determine the concept of the place. Are you going to use the place by using a tent stall or opening a shop like a restaurant?

If you carry a Western cultural concept, you can open a restaurant. If the simple concept of a Korean tent stall interests you, you can take advantage of this concept theme.

This is also related to the capital you have. If you have enough capital to open a restaurant, you can run it.

However, tent stalls are also an interesting concept with not too much capital.

4. Choose a strategic location

After you decide to use a suitable place concept, something that is no less important in running a BBQ business is a strategic location.

The criteria for a strategic location are one that is near the center of the crowd, easily accessible by various types of vehicles, and easily visible to passers-by.

5. Apply the Right Promotion Strategy

Every type of business and enterprise definitely needs promotion to increase sales, especially businesses and enterprises operating in the food sector.

This also applies to BBQ businesses. Implementing the right promotional system can increase sales.

In the current digital era, promotional strategies are experiencing very rapid development. This is supported by the development of social media itself.

So, so that your BBQ business can also grow, you can follow developments in trends on social media such as Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. Then, use them as promotional media.

6. Form a Solid Team

You can't run a BBQ business alone. If you have enough capital, you can recruit employees.

However, if you build it from scratch with capital in stages, of course you have to find partners and form a solid team.

Forming a solid team is also important for business continuity. You can look for partners to share tasks, such as looking for food ingredients and cooking utensils.

That way, work can be completed quickly and the quality of raw materials can be maintained. Simply put, every job can be done well with a solid team.

7. Choose quality raw materials

Quality raw pork can determine the success of your BBQ business. Therefore, you have to get a quality raw material supplier and designate it as a supplier .

Doing this of course takes time, because you have to survey and visit suppliers one by one.

You can also communicate directly with farmers to get a quality meat supply.

Not just meat, you also have to ensure the quality of other raw materials, such as spices and seasonings.

8. Purchase the Required Equipment

In the BBQ business, equipment can be the thing that takes up the most money. Large costs are required to purchase equipment.

Especially if you apply the Korean BBQ concept, you have to prepare eating utensils typical of Korean culture.

Not just tableware, you also have to design the atmosphere of the place according to the theme you choose. Of course, this will require quite a bit of money.

9. Set the Right Selling Price

The next tip in running a BBQ business is to determine the right selling price. The right price will influence buyers to come back to the BBQ business that you run.

Determining prices is also as important as determining location. You can provide several price packages as options for visitors. Here are some recommendations:

  • Price of one portion: IDR 18,000 – IDR 20,000.
  • Harga all you can eat:  Rp100.000 – Rp300.000.

To determine the price, you cannot be careless. You can do competitor research to help you determine the selling price.

Learn how they price. Do competition in terms of price and also of course competition in terms of taste.

10. Provide the Best Service

Don't forget to provide the best service. If you recruit workers for service, make sure you carry out recruitment strictly.

Choose employees who are friendly and truly care about customers. You can also provide training to the employees you choose.

Good service can provide a memorable experience to customers. This can make them visit the BBQ business regularly and eventually become your regular customers.source

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