If you intend to enter the world of culinary business, there's no harm in using Korean food as a culinary business idea of ​​choice. Guaranteed, this will be a unique business opportunity and can attract many customers. Not only Korean dramas, various Korean foods have also succeeded in attracting the interest of many people. The taste is so distinctive and different from other countries' food, making Korean food always sought after.

In the past, Korean-style culinary delights could only be found in typical Korean restaurants operating in Indonesia. But for now, you can find it easily even at roadside stands .

This shows that people's interest in Korean culinary is quite high. This happened not without reason, the proliferation of fans of Korean drama series in Indonesia has made many people interested in trying the dishes in the series they watch.

Analysis of Korean Culinary Business Opportunities in Indonesia

The Korean style culinary that is most popular with everyone is Korean Street Food or street food in Korea which is usually sold on the streets. Just like other types of street food in general, Korean Street Food is also a type of snack or snack.

Street snacks often appear in scenes in Korean dramas so many people are curious and enthusiastic about trying them too. Public interest in Korean culture is quite high thanks to the booming entertainment industry in the country of ginseng.

This phenomenon is certainly an excellent opportunity to start a Korean street food culinary business. The potential for this business is quite high, making it easier for you to run it.

One way to take advantage of this business opportunity is to create a Korean snack franchise . To set up a Korean snack franchise business requires quite a lot of capital. The solution is that you can use a loan for business capital without collateral.

Tips for running a typical Korean culinary business so that it runs smoothly

In building a culinary business, you need to know the right steps so that your typical Korean culinary business can run successfully. Don't forget to also prepare sufficient capital so that your culinary business can grow rapidly.

Using an unsecured business capital loan can be the right decision if the amount of capital you have is inadequate. So that you can take the right steps in building this business, here are some tips for setting up a typical Korean culinary business that you should pay attention to:

  1. Prepare
    Capital Capital is the main supporting factor in setting up a business. Therefore, you must prepare initial capital according to the amount required, if necessary, use an unsecured business capital loan to get additional capital.
    If you want to set up a typical Korean culinary business in the form of a franchise. It's best to first understand the estimated capital required to build a food franchise business . In general, the capital required to set up a food franchise is around IDR 70 million – IDR 150 million.
    Meanwhile, for a Korean food business in the form of a restaurant, you need at least initial capital of around IDR 50 million – IDR 90 million. If you want to become a producer of ready-to-consume instant Korean food, you need more capital because you need to set up a factory and buy production equipment.
    The capital required is at least around IDR 200 – IDR 300 million, the amount of capital you will need depends on the business concept you choose. The larger the scale of the business you want to set up, the greater the capital you have to spend. But keep in mind that you can use business capital loans without collateral.
    This doesn't mean you can freely take out any loan amount you like, just make sure the amount of funds borrowed matches the amount of capital required. If there is anything left, it is best not to use it for personal, consumptive purposes. But use it to develop your business to be even more advanced.
  2. Choose a strategic location
    if you want to set up a typical Korean culinary business in the form of a restaurant or cafe . Make sure you choose a strategic location so that customers can easily reach it. The cost of renting a place in a strategic location is much more expensive but is very helpful in running the business smoothly.
    Setting up typical Korean food restaurants around offices, parks, campuses and other busy centers will have a greater chance of getting lots of customers. So the profits obtained are also greater. So there is no need to hesitate because the rental costs are expensive because there are loans for business capital without collateral that you can use.
  3. Do research
    so that your Korean culinary business sells well in the market, you should not rush into deciding what type of Korean food to sell and produce. Do in-depth research on the types of Korean food that are most popular and liked by the public.
    If necessary, use the services of a market research company to help you find the right type of Korean food. You can use funds from unsecured business capital loans to use the services of a market research company.
  4. Do a Trial
    When running a business in the culinary sector, you don't only need to learn types and recipes of Korean food. But you also have to be able to adapt it to the tastes of the Indonesian people. Because of course there are differences in taste between Indonesians and people in Korea.
    So to overcome this, do a trial first before selling or marketing it. You do this by sharing samples of the food you make with people and asking for their honest opinion about the food.
  5. Plan a Marketing Strategy
    After successfully finding the right Korean food recipe that suits people's tastes. Your next task is to develop a marketing strategy that will be applied to the business.
    You can more easily create an efficient and effective marketing strategy through the results obtained from market research. From the results of market research, you can find out who the target market is, what their consumer behavior is like, and what their habits are in buying food products.
    By knowing the habits of your target market, you can develop a more efficient marketing strategy. For example, your target market is young people who like to play social media and on average have a financial condition that can be said to be mediocre.
    So the strategy that needs to be implemented is to make typical Korean food products that are economical but still have a delicious taste. To introduce this business, you can apply a digital marketing strategy.
    Digital marketing strategies are more efficient and have a wider reach because they utilize digital media as a promotional medium. For example, by using SEO, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and other digital promotional tools.
    You can use some of the funds from an unsecured business capital loan as a marketing budget. Therefore, before applying for a loan, you should calculate the details of the costs required, starting from equipment, raw materials, renting a place, to the marketing budget.


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