Shawarma at first glance is similar to kebab , so many people confuse shawarma and kebab. However, one of the striking differences between the two is that shawarma is wrapped in bread while kebab is wrapped in tortilla.

Shawarma is a very popular street food throughout the Middle East. Shawarma is now made with various kinds of meat, from beef, mutton, chicken, to turkey.

Who doesn't know shawarma kebab? This delicious and appetizing food has become a favorite among culinary lovers. Behind its deliciousness, shawarma kebabs are also a promising business. Let's do a relaxed but still informative analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the Shawarma business.

Advantages of the Shawarma Kebab Business

The shawarma kebab business has several advantages which could be the reason why you choose this business:

  • High demand: Shawarma kebab is a popular food and is loved by many people. High demand makes this business have promising prospects.
  • High profit potential: The selling price of shawarma kebabs is relatively high, so this business has the potential to make large profits.
  • Relatively easy production: The process of grilling shawarma meat can be done using equipment that is available on the market. Apart from that, the raw materials used are also widely available so it is not difficult to produce.
  • Menu innovation: You can create various variations of shawarma kebab menus with various types of meat, sauces and other additions. This can attract customers and make your business stand out more.

Disadvantages of Shawarma Kebab Business

Behind its advantages, the shawarma kebab business also has several disadvantages that need to be considered:

  • High competition: The shawarma kebab business is quite widespread in various regions, so competition in this business is also very tight.
  • Dependence on season: Demand for shawarma kebabs tends to increase during the holiday season or when there are certain events. This results in fluctuating and unstable sales in other periods.
  • Stock management: Managing the stock of fresh meat raw materials can be a challenge in itself in this business. You need to maintain quality and pay attention to the expiration date so as not to hamper the production process.
  • Longer preparation time: The process of grilling shawarma meat takes quite a long time. This needs to be taken into account in the production process in order to meet customer demand quickly. SOURCE

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