Pizza, a food that has its own fans. This delicious food is very tempting and many people enjoy it. A man from Italy took advantage of this opportunity to turn it into a diamond opportunity to open a promising business.

In the Jakarta area, there are at least 10 pizza shops spread out. This shows that people's enthusiasm for this typical Italian food is quite large. The proof is, every year many restaurant entrepreneurs open new pizza restaurants. So, how do you open a pizza shop? There are several things you need to pay attention to, starting from the regulations for creating a new restaurant, preparing the concept, location, promotional methods, to setting up an F&B system to simplify the operations of your pizza business.

Of course, you need to use the right system so that restaurant management runs well. For example, HashMicro's cloud-based ERP software has many modules, including for the food and beverage business. Utilizing the system can make it easier to manage your business, make sales more effective, maintain inventory availability, and increase customer retention. To find out more, download Hash F&B Software's price calculation scheme. Apart from the system, you also need to develop the right strategy so that your pizza restaurant can develop. Here are 6 successful strategies for opening a pizza restaurant!

Study Restaurant Construction Regulations

The provisions governing restaurant businesses are in Minister of Tourism Regulation Number 18 of 2016 concerning Tourism Business Registration. You must obtain a Tourism Business Registration Permit or usually abbreviated as TDUP. After that, the One Stop Integrated Service (PTSP) office that corresponds to your restaurant's domicile will issue the TDUP you applied for. Of course, to get permission from TDUP you have to submit several documents so that the validation process is carried out smoothly and quickly.

Setting Up a Pizza Restaurant Concept

Many entrepreneurs want to create pizza with an authentic taste. For example, restaurant owners choose to serve Capricciosa, Neapolitan and Margherita pizzas. However, there are quite a few entrepreneurs who want to create pizza with the taste of typical local food such as pizza topped with rendang meat, tandori chicken pizza and so on. Whatever concept you want, plan the best concept.

Find the Right Location to Open a Pizza Restaurant

Just like other restaurants, it is important for entrepreneurs to think about the right location to build their pizza restaurant. Choosing the wrong location will not only make it difficult for your business to develop, but also make it bankrupt. Try to write down a list of locations you want and make a list of the pros and cons of each location. Don't forget to compare building rental prices, competitors around the location, access, and other important factors.

Recruiting the Right Employees

Recruiting experienced employees is easier than recruiting the most appropriate employees for the restaurant. Look for the most appropriate employees who are competent in their respective fields. Once you've sorted your cover letters based on experience and expertise, you should ask questions based on their expertise. Assess how competent they are. After deciding who is most appropriate to recruit, don't forget to provide them with training and provide a work contract. This is also done to reduce the risk of employee turnover being too frequent.

Promote Your Pizza Restaurant

Providing a special budget to promote a restaurant is very important. Because, how will your customers know if you don't advertise your business. There are many ways to promote a restaurant, especially in today's digital era. One of the easiest ways is to create a social media account. Provide interesting visualizations and words! More importantly, don't forget to promote your social media accounts, for example by using Facebook Ads.

Use Software

There is several software that can help make daily operational activities easier. A POS system, for example, can not only help you simplify the transaction process, but also track customer information. For accountants, accounting software will be very useful because journals, invoices, tax calculations, and making financial reports through the Accounting System in the form of an application can be done easily, quickly and more accurately. Meanwhile, an inventory system helps restaurants to manage stock. This system can also help you reduce the risk of food recalls because each label can be tracked more accurately. SOURCE

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