You will have a wide market opportunity for this culinary business, especially if you can get a strategic location. Start planning your business today so you can get started right away. 

There are many fans of Korean culture in Indonesia, including halal Korean food. Since the last few years, because many K-Pop artists have emerged and spread to Indonesia, many fans have studied the culture of their idols, including trying the taste of the typical food from the country that produces ginseng.

Some types of food use ingredients that are not halal for Muslims, but there are still many halal Korean foods that taste very delicious and are worth trying.

Seeing the high interest of Indonesian people in Korean culture, of course the opportunity to open a halal Korean food business is worth considering. Moreover, there are many types of halal Korean food that you can choose from on the menu.

Halal Korean Food Ideas for Selling

If you are planning to open a food business, let's learn more about several types of halal Korean food that could be ideas for selling:

  1. KimbapKimbap is a halal Korean food that is similar in appearance to sushi. Kimbap is a rice roll seasoned with sesame oil, filled with vegetables, eggs, meat, then rolled in sheets of seaweed or nori. This halal Korean food has become popular in recent years as a snack or main meal.
  2. BibimbapThis halal Korean food is a bowl of rice equipped with pieces of cooked vegetables, meat and eggs in the middle. Don't forget, it is equipped with typical Korean spices, namely gochujang. This halal Korean food is often chosen by buyers because it is filling.
  3. HotteokThese snacks, which are often found at street vendors in Korea, are considered halal Korean food. Hotteok can be said to be the Korean version of pancakes filled with cinnamon, brown sugar and nuts. Very suitable to eat hot in cold weather.
  4. JajangmyeonThis halal Korean food can be said to be a typical Korean noodle dish served with black sauce made from black bean paste. The taste is unique, sweet but also savory. Even though it is very typical of Korean taste, there are many Indonesian people who like this food.
  5. TteokbokkiThis halal Korean food often appears in Korean drama scenes. Tteokbokki is made from rice flour which is shaped into a cylinder or tube, then cooked with gochujang seasoning which has a very distinctive taste. In its presentation, Tteokbokki is also equipped with rice cake or pieces of egg. 
  6. KimchiKimchi is fermented cabbage or cabbage. It tastes sour and spicy. Usually Kimchi is a complement to every Korean food menu. Nowadays, there are even many home businesses that make homemade kimchi. So this halal Korean food should also be a business idea for friends.
  7. Seaweed SoupThis halal Korean food cooks seaweed soaked in beef or fish stock. After that, add soy sauce, garlic, salt and sesame oil. In Korean culture, this food is usually served to celebrate birthdays. 
  8. Yangnyeom ChikinThis processed chicken which has a distinctive sweet and spicy taste is included in halal Korean food. This seasoned crispy chicken is usually found in Korean fast food. But with knowledge of Korean spices, you can make Yangnyeom chikin a business idea .
  9. RamyeonThis Korean menu is actually Korean-style instant noodles which are usually served with kimchi. Make sure you choose a halal brand of instant noodles, friends! What is special about this menu is that it is served in a typical Korean pan and accompanied by delicious kimchi.
  10. I sendThis halal Korean food is similar to dimsum or gyoza which is cooked fried or steamed. Usually filled with kimchi, meat, or other vegetables.
  11. CorndogThis snack is mozzarella cheese or sausage wrapped in flour, then fried. This halal Korean food is usually enjoyed with chili or tomato sauce, mayonnaise, mustard or chocolate. 

Tips for Opening a Halal Korean Food Business

After understanding the various variations of halal Korean food that can be used as ideas for entrepreneurship, you can take a look at the following tips to help you start a business selling halal Korean food:

  1. Choose a locationChoose a location that is usually busy or has lots of people passing by. Can be near the office, campus or school. To save your budget, Friends can choose a location that allows buyers to just take their food home, no need to prepare a place to eat on the spot.
  2. Clean and attractive locationApart from a strategic location, also make sure that the location you choose is far from dirty places such as sewers or trash cans. Don't forget to keep your selling place clean. Dirty and unkempt places certainly reduce the selling value of food.
  3. Sold onlineApart from selling, also register your Halal Korean food merchandise on an application or e-commerce that helps you sell online. This is a step for Friends to increase sales opportunities from various sources.
  4. Create a promotional strategyTake advantage of social media! There are many digital platforms that can be used, even for free. Reach more buyers and make your business known to a wider audience.
  5. Prepare capitalCapital is the main key in opening a business. To run a halal Korean food business, of course you need cooking equipment, display cases and a number of supporting equipment to run your business. Apart from that, this business capital is also used to rent space and a number of other business needs.


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