Regional food businesses are unique because those that are truly traditional and those that have been modified in a modern way have the same opportunity to go viral. Therefore, regional specialties still have enormous opportunities to be explored.

10 Tips for Successfully

The following are several tips that can be used to run a typical Indonesian food business successfully.

  • Plan CarefullyThe first step that must be taken to start this business is to make a careful plan. Prepare a business plan that is appropriate and realistic so that it can be implemented well in the future.
  • Choose the Right MenusThere are many types of typical Indonesian food that can be served in this business. However, if you want to run successfully, make sure you choose the right food menus, namely ones that are liked by many people and have a good chance of being sold.
  • Choose a Strategic Business LocationChoose a strategic business location to run this food business more easily. If you want to rent a place, there are several locations that can be taken into consideration, such as office areas, around markets, campus or school locations, dense housing, and others.
  • Use Quality Raw MaterialsIt is important to always use quality raw materials, so that the traditional food produced is also delicious. Apart from that, good raw materials will also produce various food menus that are healthier and better for consumption.
  • Keep Food and Business Locations CleanDon't forget to always maintain good food hygiene, including the business location itself. Wipe and clean the tables regularly so that they are free of dust and other dirt. A business that maintains cleanliness will certainly be easier for customers to like.
  • Do Promotions AppropriatelyAll types of businesses need promotion to be known to the general public, including traditional culinary businesses. Without promotion, the business will not run smoothly because there are few visitors coming.Now there are lots of promotional media that can be used, one of which is media, be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube. The large number of social media users today can be utilized optimally. For example, by posting photos of food being sold with an attractive appearance, this post can definitely spread quickly. As a result, many people saw it and their curiosity grew to try the food.If necessary, you can invite friends, relatives or acquaintances to come to the restaurant and try the food. You can also provide a tester . Usually, they will help promote your traditional food to other friends if they are satisfied with the food. Even though it is considered traditional, word of mouth promotion is also an effective way to do it.
  • Provide the Best ServiceCustomers will be loyal when they get good service when buying something. Be professional when running this food business and provide the best service to all buyers who come. This will keep the business busy with customers and can get big sales every day.
  • Maintain CharacteristicsEach regional culinary delight definitely has its own characteristics that make it interesting. These characteristics can be from the taste, appearance, or design or atmosphere of the restaurant to enjoy the culinary delights. For example, if you sell typical Sundanese culinary delights, apart from the taste of each dish, you can add certain decorations or ornaments that are characteristic of the culinary origin.Not only in terms of design or taste of food, you can also create characteristics of the restaurant atmosphere or social media posts. For example, by adding traditional West Javanese music such as flute songs.
  • Create Creative and Innovative IdeasCreating creative and innovative ideas in regional culinary businesses that are run also needs to be done. The goal, especially if not, is to attract attention and make it easier for many people to recognize you.This creative and innovative idea should not only be applied to restaurant designs or social media posts, but also to every dish that is sold. For example, if food is usually served on melamine or glass plates, replace them with woven rattan plus pieces of banana leaves. You can also change the packaging to one that has a regional nuance.Then, in terms of food. For example, if you usually fry gourami fish, try splitting each side of the gourami first, then adding spices and flour so that after frying, the gourami fish looks like it has flying wings and the taste is very tasty and crunchy. Providing various types of chili sauce can also be an idea worth trying.
  • Ask Customers for InputThe challenge faced when opening a culinary business is how to get a taste that suits the region of origin. Don't hesitate to ask visitors for input, starting from whether it feels right or not, whether the appearance is appropriate or not and so on. Apart from that, there is no harm in doing things like combining culinary menus with new creativity but without changing the characteristics.

Make Good Use of Traditional Food Business Opportunities

Indonesian specialties always have a special place in many people's hearts. This fact also makes the food business opportunities in this area so bright that it is very worth trying. Start planning and make good use of traditional food business opportunities so that the business can bring in lots of financial benefits.SOURCE

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