Souvenirs are very suitable as keepsake items in various conditions, such as being given to company guests, certain events and so on. The purpose of this is of course as a commemorative object that triggers or reminds you of a certain object or event.

One business idea that can bring in profits, as well as channel your hobby of making knick-knacks, is a souvenir business. Making and selling souvenirs does have quite promising business opportunities. Especially if you live in a tourist area.
Souvenirs are not only identified with souvenirs, but can also be souvenirs when there are various big events. Mostly for special and special events such as weddings, as souvenirs, and so on. So, what are the steps in running this business? Let's discuss it on this occasion.

Tips for Starting a Souvenir Business for Beginners

For those of you who are interested and want to run a souvenir business, the following tips can be applied, namely:

1. Determine the Product Type

Because there are a multitude of types and types of souvenirs, you should immediately determine the product you want to sell. You can start by surveying market needs and interests, then look for suppliers who have the product and are suitable to collaborate with. Or maybe if you really have special skills to make unique souvenirs, we can start this business step from here.

2. Prepare capital

The next step in the souvenir business, which is also a requirement for several other businesses, is capital. The capital itself can be adjusted to our budget or can be based on the existing budget. For those of you who have passion and expertise in this field, this expertise can become your main capital.

3. Make a Business Plan

One important part of starting a business is creating a business plan. We can prepare various things as tricks for successfully starting a business . Some points that we can prepare are:

– Explanation of the core or business outline
– Making competitor analysis
– Calculating budgeting
– Operational and managerial planning
– And various other business strategies.

4. Determine the location

One thing that cannot be missed in a business is location. If we really have enough money to rent a certain location, it is best to choose a strategic place, easy to see and reach for consumers or close to other supporting businesses. Such as bridal make-up locations, shops or souvenir centers.
But actually, we can start this souvenir business from home, we can even use social media, meaning we will sell by order or only if there is an order.

5. Execution

The next step is for us to start running the business. During this execution, there are several things that must be considered, such as:

a. Purchasing or Preparing Raw Materials

During implementation, we can start by buying souvenir materials from suppliers or buying raw materials to make souvenirs. Once purchased, of course it can be immediately made and prepared so that it can be marketed immediately.

b. Consider Quantity and Price

The first step is to calculate and prepare how much we can produce or order the souvenir, then calculate the purchase price or COGS for those who produce it themselves, and then we determine the margin and selling price. So, that way you can find out the right selling price for your product.

c. Marketing strategy

The next souvenir business tip is about developing a promotional strategy. How can our business be known and chosen by potential consumers. First, we can prioritize value or something unique about the products being sold.

Second, we can start marketing it through social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, even using Ads, influencer endorsements and so on. Or next, we can also market offline, such as printing brochures, banners and so on.

Those are some ways to start a souvenir business from scratch for beginners. This business does have a big opportunity to run. It's just that proper preparation, tricks, strategies and techniques are needed so that the business can run smoothly.


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