It seems like there is no Indonesian citizen who doesn't like Minangkabau food, typical of West Sumatra. Especially rendang. In fact, this culinary masterpiece has been named the most delicious food in the world. So it would be good if packaged rendang could be a business opportunity.

The soft meat from the long cooking process and the delicious taste of the various spices that make up the seasoning make rendang friendly to anyone's palate. Being one of the Indonesian foods that has succeeded in penetrating foreign markets, the packaged rendang business is now increasingly common. Not only is it strong outside the city, this packaged rendang is even brought abroad as a remedy for homesickness for migrants.

Apart from helping to encourage the popularity of rendang which can now be enjoyed anytime and anywhere, the packaged rendang business is also very profitable. Several business people who started selling small-scale from home can now easily earn a turnover of up to hundreds of millions per month. 

Some packaged rendang businesses do not rely on preservatives to make rendang's shelf life longer. The authentic Indonesian taste of packaged rendang can be much longer just thanks to the right packaging tricks. If you want to try your luck in the packaged rendang business.

Tips that need to be followed so that the shelf life of your rendang lasts longer even without preservatives.

1. Packaging made from aluminum foil

The appearance of bacteria is a factor that makes food smell rancid. The appearance of this bacteria is caused by air or water vapor which usually enters the packaging. Usually air or water vapor enters plastic food packaging that is not closed tightly at the seal.

Choosing packaging made from aluminum foil can be an alternative so that this doesn't happen. Heat-resistant materials minimize the risk of water vapor or air, so bacteria cannot appear and food can last longer.

2. Canned packaging

Using cans can also be an option to extend the life of rendang. The can packaging is quite airtight so that the food inside is durable and does not get damp easily.

3. Vacuum plastic packaging or vacuum bag

Vacuum bags are specifically designed for packaging food products so that their shelf life is longer. This packaging method can make food last for quite a long time. Apart from that, the vacuum packaging method used during the vacuum bag packing process will minimize damage to the nutritional composition and bacterial contamination which is a factor in food spoiling quickly.

Apart from the taste of rendang, the packaging process also really needs to be paid attention to when you want to try this rendang packaging business. Several business people who have already been involved in business admit that these methods can extend the life of the product and make it safe to travel with. SOURCE

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