Just like running a business in general, the first thing you need is of course capital and a business plan. Make sure that the business plan that has been prepared includes capital allocation, operational costs, profit calculations, and promotional costs.

Street or Home Dimsum Business Opportunities – The culinary business seems to have no end. The reason is that people's need for food never ends while humans are still alive. Recently, food from China, namely dim sum, has become very popular among the public. So, what about dimsum business opportunities?

Dimsum business opportunities in Indonesia are quite large. Realizing that the number of people interested in culinary snacks is increasing. There are many types of dimsum preparations that can be enjoyed by the general public. Therefore, for those of you who want to start this business, you need to pay attention to current dimsum business opportunities.

What is Dimsum?

Dimsum is a processed food originating from China. Dimsum is also widely found in Hong Kong society. As seen in many places in Indonesia, dimsum is placed in a steamer to keep it warm.

Apart from that, dim sum is more delicious if it is still warm. Dimsum is usually enjoyed with tea and relaxing with the family. There are many types of dimsum such as claws, bakpau, pickles, rice rolls, and so on.

Dimsum Business Opportunities

Even though it is known as food among restaurants, this does not prevent this food from being sold on a smaller scale. Therefore, people from various circles can enjoy this processed food.

The dimsum business opportunity on a small scale is indeed a promising business. The risks faced by dim sum businesses are not too big. This is because you don't need to raise a lot of capital to run a small dim sum business.

You only need to have capital of around 2 million to start this business. To run a dimsum business, you also have to provide important things as below.

1. Determine the location of the dimsum business

The first step you need to pay attention to is determining the location of your dimsum business. The reason is, this will really determine the growth of your business. So you should look for a strategic location to start this dimsum business.

The meaning of a strategic location is a place that is very busy and frequently visited by various groups of people. Also make sure that competition in the dimsum business in that location is not too tight, so that you have greater dimsum business opportunities.

2. Put up an attractive promotional banner

Of course, before opening a roadside dimsum business, you have to promote it first. This is to inform the public that the dimsum business you run is open. Make an interesting sentence on the banner that will be installed.

3. Prioritize Cleanliness

When choosing a location to sell dimsum, it is also important to pay attention to the cleanliness of the place. A clean place will definitely affect the dimsum business. Because people will judge that the food served is healthy food.

4. Dim Sum Business Analysis

You also need to pay attention to how to match capital with people who are experienced in the dimsum business. Detailed capital adjustments will give you more profits.Source

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