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In this modern era, getting a turnover of up to billions is undoubtedly not difficult, one way is to develop a dessert box business idea . This food business in the form of cakes served in a plastic box has become a popular culinary business opportunity since the rise of online food delivery orders.

A contemporary culinary delight that could be the best solution because it is very safe and quite profitable is the dessert box business. Hearing the words dessert box must be familiar to sweet food lovers, especially as the development of the dessert business is now skyrocketing, so new innovations are needed with dessert box business opportunities whose turnover is as sweet as its taste. 

Dessert boxes are new creations and innovations made from cake, cream and a combination of selected toppings packaged in a clear container which usually has a square or square or round shape. Clear color packaging is more widely used, this aims to attract consumers when all the layers inside are visible from the outside. It is guaranteed that a display like this will make more consumers tempted to buy it. 

The dessert box business opportunity for beginners is not difficult, because currently there are lots of sources for us to learn and gain knowledge about various culinary businesses. You can take part in business training or workshops, especially about the dessert business, culinary business seminars, dessert box business courses, cooking classes and so on. That way, you will gain knowledge and at the same time be able to upgrade your abilities so you can manage your business more professionally. 

Throughout 2019 until now, dessert boxes have become one of the culinary delights that are very popular with artists, influencers, celebrities, millennials, adults and even children. So this sweet food opens up dessert business opportunities that have the potential to bring in lots of profits. 

The dessert box business opportunity is a very easy selling idea, with not too much capital and the manufacturing process is also very simple because it can be done without needing an oven, mixer or other tools. It depends on how you create and innovate with the various ingredients and toppings needed. 

Dessert boxes are a type of food that is durable and long-lasting. You can store it in the refrigerator so it lasts longer and is more delicious when eaten. So this type of food will not easily spoil or spoil. The cooler the dessert box, the tastier it will be. Storage in the refrigerator or chiller can last for 3 days, if stored in the freezer it will last for one week. So, are you interested in trying it? Previously, we first prepared the materials or tools to get started. 

Preparing to start a dessert box business, the first step is as explained above, for beginners, you must know and learn how to do business first. After that, you must determine an idea for selling dessert boxes that will definitely sell on the market by following existing trends. That way you will be better prepared and it will be easier to run your business. 

The second step is to prepare the materials and tools needed in the process of making the dessert box.

Materials and Tools for Making Dessert Boxes

Material :

  • Base cake as the first layer, can be brownies, moist chocolate cake, black forest, redvelvet, Oreo cake, cheese cake, regal cake or according to taste according to the menu variants you can offer
  • Whipping cream, as the second layer, can have various flavors such as milo, Oreo, vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, and so on. 
  • Toppings, this section is at the top or last, usually you can use Oreo toppings, Regal, Milo, strawberries, chocolate sprinkles, marshmallows, jelly, chocolate chips and so on. 

Tool : 

  • Containers or cups for dessert boxes can be round or square according to the target market, so you can look for containers in large quantities at once for stock so you can get cheaper dessert box prices. 
  • Oven or mixer if needed, but there are also types of dessert boxes without using an oven or mixer 
  • Basin or large container 
  • Box mika 
  • Baking pan 
  • Spoon 
  • Spatula 
  • Knife
  • Piping bag
  • Refrigerator or chiller

Then the way to organize the dessert box is very easy and simple, here is how to organize the dessert box, namely: 

  • Cut the base cake into 2 parts, 
  • Cut again according to the container to be used, 
  • Place the base cake on the bottom of the container,
  • Then pour the whipping cream on top, then spread evenly.
  • Do the same thing repeatedly for the layers
  • Pour in the ingredients that will be the topping, and spread evenly.
  • Add milo cubes, Oreos, strawberries, regal biscuits and so on according to taste
  • Close the container, store in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours. 

The price of a dessert box is usually sold from 20,000 to 100,000. What makes the prices different is because many of the basic ingredients for making dessert boxes have varying price ranges. The advantage of this dessert box is that you can eat it straight away without having to transfer it to a plate or other container, because the dessert container has been designed so that consumers can eat it straight away practically. The taste is so sweet, very creamy, and light that you will definitely want to keep trying it. 

Tips for Running a Dessert Box Business

For beginners so as not to cause harm, it would be good if we first know the tips and tricks in the dessert box business, including:

1.Provides various trending menu variants

In general, dessert boxes have many flavor variants. You can offer superior products with a wide choice of flavors that are currently trending, so that many consumers are interested and want to try them. The various choices of flavors from the dessert box are: tiramisu, redvelvet, cheese cake, regal, oreo, and so on.

2.Have a mainstay or favorite menu that is characteristic

In business, especially in the culinary business, make sure your business has a dessert box product that is a characteristic of your business, for example, create a rare menu variant or a new innovation that is not yet on the market with different topping creations. So many consumers are curious to try it. 

3.Provides cup size variants

for example, with cup variants ranging from small, medium, to large, so that consumers have many choices of what they want to buy according to their needs. 

4.Promote on social media

This section is the most important part in marketing products, because currently social media is not only used for posting photos, sharing information but can be used as a promotional medium with the fastest response. If you have social media with lots of followers, you should use it to promote dessert box products, so that it is very easy for your friends to see every uploaded post and be interested in buying it. 


Don't forget that you should also apply these tips when starting a business. By offering various discounts, it will encourage consumers to rush to your dessert box. 

6.Has many links

It is very important for those of you who want to do business to have lots of links, the aim is to be able to share, exchange experiences, and it can even be very helpful in marketing your product, such as inviting cooperation in an event or collaboration with other business ventures.source

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