One of the striking differences between Indonesia and Qatar is that it is difficult to find street vendor-type stalls on the sides of the road, except for special areas that resemble markets such as Souq Waqif. But amidst all these difficulties, shawarma is one of the conveniences that can be found in Qatar.

Middle Eastern fast food is very easy to get in almost every corner of Qatar. As a fairly filling snack, shawarma is set at a price starting from around seven riyals (approximately IDR 30 thousand).

Who doesn't know shawarma kebab? This delicious and appetizing food has become a favorite among culinary lovers. Behind its deliciousness, shawarma kebabs are also a promising business. Let's do this relaxed but still informative business analysis to see the opportunities that can be taken from the shawarma kebab business.

What is a Shawarma Kebab Business?

The shawarma kebab business is a type of business that operates in the culinary sector with a focus on selling shawarma kebabs. Shawarma itself is a food originating from the Middle East, made from beef, lamb or chicken that is grilled vertically and then sliced ​​thinly. The meat is then served in pita bread or tortillas with additional sauce, vegetables and special seasonings.

Business Analysis

First of all, it must be admitted that shawarma kebab has a uniqueness that is difficult to resist. With a mixture of typical Middle Eastern spices that emit an appetizing aroma, shawarma kebabs are able to attract the hearts of food lovers every time they take takjil or complete a meal. This provides an opportunity for culinary businesses to present different menu variations to meet increasingly high consumer satisfaction.

Apart from that, the shawarma kebab business also provides flexibility in marketing. Shawarma kebabs can not only be served in restaurants or specialty kebab shops, but can also be found at food trucks, food festivals, or even as a complement at catering events. This provides flexibility for business people to present shawarma kebabs in various strategic locations which make it possible to reach more potential customers.

However, in the shawarma kebab business, you need to remember that competition cannot be ignored. There are already many players in this industry, both large scale and small and medium businesses. Therefore, to be successful in the shawarma kebab business, innovation and uniqueness must be the main weapons.

Another thing to pay attention to is quality management. Customers will always prioritize taste and quality when choosing food. Therefore, the ingredients used must be fresh and of high quality, and the manufacturing and serving processes must always maintain cleanliness standards and consistent taste. In any business, including shawarma kebabs, customer satisfaction is the main thing.

Don't forget also an important step in this digital era, namely online marketing. Take advantage of social media and websites to build brand awareness and reach the target audience. Through tempting photos of shawarma kebabs, interesting videos of the making process, as well as positive reviews from loyal customers, the shawarma kebab business can become increasingly well known and in demand by the wider community.

In this shawarma kebab business analysis, we have seen the tempting opportunities that can be taken from its uniqueness, marketing flexibility, as well as the challenges that must be faced to win the competition. Most importantly, don't forget to experiment in adding menu variations and maintaining quality. With enthusiasm and dedication, the shawarma kebab business can grow and be successful amidst increasingly fierce culinary competition. Happy business! SOURCE

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