the iced tea drink business is not too difficult to start. Because of this, various brands of iced tea drinks continue to emerge, both locally and globally.

Many say that in terms of profits, running a modern tea business can generate quite large profits. It could even be bigger than the current average sales of coffee milk. Apart from that, the modern tea business can also be run from home.

The sweet iced tea franchise  has been busy lately. This partnership business offers sales capital of under IDR 10 million. Before joining this partnership, you should find out tips for selling sweet iced tea to get a quick return on investment.

1. Determine the market segment Know the market segment

you want to target. Generally, the target market is divided into upper, lower and lower segments. You can also break it down into age categories, from children, teenagers, to the elderly. Market segments will help you determine the focus of existing market needs and adjust it to the selling price. The selling price of sweet iced tea is also influenced by market segment, apart from capital and other cost calculations.

2.Establish the superiority of sweet iced tea

The sweet iced tea brand that offers partnerships is not the only one. You can find many options before following one. Choose a brand of sweet tea or iced tea that has advantages over other brands. This can be an advantage when selling sweet iced tea. For example, the brand is already popular in Indonesia, uses real sugar and quality ingredients, or offers a variety of iced tea flavors.

3. Choose the right location

This point is no less important. Location is related to the market segment in the first point which will also influence sales. Sweet iced tea partnerships are mostly designed with simple carts. So, you don't need a large space to place this sales area. You can choose a location that many people pass by, such as a public road, near a school, or in front of  a minimarket .

4. Make sure the capital and equipment are safe

Finally, you need to determine the main capital or overall capital when setting up a sweet iced tea business. Find out the sweet iced tea partnership system offered, whether it is in the form of buying and selling the brand name or a profit sharing system. Next, pay attention to the sales equipment needed. Starting from machines, ice storage containers, to measuring cups. Make sure all the tools are complete.


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