The skills needed for a chili sauce business entrepreneur are not only understanding sales, but also being able to cook chili sauce that suits market tastes.

Currently, the packaged chili business is increasingly popular and growing rapidly. This home business idea with small capital is increasingly popular with many people, so many business people use it as their main or side business to increase their income.

The raw materials for packaged chili sauce are relatively cheap and the manufacturing process is easy and practical, so the profits obtained are quite good. The important thing is, you must be able to package this chili product into a simple but attractive product to buy.

Types of Packaged Chili Sauce

Here are several types of chili sauce that you can use as inspiration to determine the type of packaged chili sauce to produce and sell:

1. Shrimp paste

Terasi chili sauce is the most popular chili sauce and can be a promising packaging chili business idea. This sambal is very famous among Indonesian people, because it is often available in local stalls or restaurants. This chili sauce is made from crushed chilies and shrimp paste. The distinctive taste and aroma make this chili sauce very delicious and loved by many people.

2. Onion Chili Sauce

Onion chili sauce is a type of chili sauce that uses a mixture of onions and red chilies. The onions used to make this chili sauce are shallots and garlic or a mixture of the two onions. Then mashed and finally drizzled with hot cooking oil. This chili sauce is suitable for every dish, especially for fried or grilled chicken and fried chicken.

3. Sambal Matah

Sambal Matah is a typical Balinese chili sauce which has a spicy, sour, fragrant and fresh taste. Unlike other chili sauces which have to be mashed by mashing or blending, Sambal Matah just needs to be sliced ​​thinly and mixed together. To make Sambal Matah, you will need ingredients such as chilies, shallots, lemongrass, lime leaves, a little coconut oil, as well as lime. However, what should not be missed is the kecombrang flower which is the main ingredient in this Sambal Matah.

4. Green Chili Sauce

Ijo Chili Sambal is a typical West Sumatran chili sauce that is always available in Padang cuisine restaurants. As the name suggests, this chili sauce is made from green chilies which gives a distinctive taste that makes you want to add more. Even though it doesn't taste very spicy, this chili sauce is very suitable for those who don't really like spicy tastes.

5. Pecel Chili Sauce

Sambal Pecel is a complementary ingredient for pecel rice and several other culinary delights such as mixed lontong. Made from a mixture of peanuts, chilies and other spices, Sambal Pecel is usually packaged in practical packaging and you only need to add a little warm water to thin it. Once the chili sauce is thin enough, you can enjoy various vegetables with this Sambal Pecel.

6. Sambal Roa

Sambal Roa is a typical Manado, North Sulawesi chili sauce made with a mixture of fresh red chilies, cayenne peppers and smoked roa fish. Apart from that, spices and tomatoes are also used to produce a more appetizing taste. Roa fish itself is a typical Manado fish that is most commonly found in the waters of North Sulawesi and its surroundings. So it's not surprising that Sambal Roa has become very famous and special.

7. Sambal Plow

Sambal Bajak is a typical chili sauce from Central Java which has a sweet and spicy taste so it is not too spicy and is suitable for people who cannot stand spicy tastes. It is called Sambal Bajak because this chili sauce is usually brought by women to farmers who are plowing the fields. The main ingredients used in Sambal Bajak are large red chilies and curly chilies. This chili sauce is usually served cooked or stir-fried. So, Wirasob… Choose the type of chili sauce that suits your taste! and don't forget to try making it yourself at home!

Tips for Starting a Business

Of course, the packaging chili sauce business can be a promising business opportunity. However, there are several things you need to pay attention to before starting this business, including:

1. Choose quality raw materials

Make sure the raw materials used to make packaged chili sauce are of good quality and fresh. Avoid using raw materials that have expired or are not fresh, because this can affect the quality and taste of the chili sauce produced.

2. Determine the recipe and unique taste

Each type of chili sauce has a unique recipe and taste. Therefore, before starting a packaged chili sauce business, make sure you have a recipe that is unique and tastes delicious. You can also innovate and experiment with other ingredients to produce more varied chili sauce.

3. Design attractive packaging

The design of the chili sauce packaging also needs to be considered, because attractive packaging can increase the selling value of the product. Choose packaging that is practical, easy to open, and attracts consumers' attention.

4. Determine the appropriate price

Determine the price according to the quality and taste of the chili produced. Don't set the price too high or too low, because this can affect consumers' interest in buying your product.

5. Have an effective marketing strategy

You can market your packaged chili sauce through social media, traditional markets, or online shops. Make sure you have an effective marketing strategy to expand market reach and increase product sales.

6. Consider the legality of the business

Make sure the packaging chili business you run meets legal requirements, such as a business permit and other necessary permits. This can prevent legal problems that could harm your business in the future.


Have you thought about starting a packaging chili business? Don't forget, apart from paying attention to delicious taste, you also have to provide the best packaging design with quality results and affordable prices. Come on, start developing your chili sauce business.

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