Apart from the simple packaging, the food menu is also varied and practical. Are you interested in trying this business? First learn several ways to start a rice box business, the advantages and disadvantages.

Hello riends! Culinary is one line of business that regularly experiences development. Entrepreneurs continue to strive to come up with new innovations to attract customers, one of which is rice boxes .

It is said that this food is an adaptation of a Japanese culinary dish called donburi rice , white rice topped with side dishes. However, the toppings have now been adjusted to suit local people's tastes.

Rice Box Business Idea as a Business Opportunity

It has succeeded in booming since the pandemic hit, many entrepreneurs earn up to millions of rupiah per month from this business. Below are some examples that have been successful in the past:

1. KFC Rice Box

KFC is a fast food restaurant with a main menu of chicken that has been established since 1952 in the United States. This restaurant still survives today in Indonesia and is quite up to date with current developments.

They also produce this dish with various flavors, such as oriental, barbecue, black paper, fish , and others. The price of the KFC rice box itself is also very affordable, starting from just 15 thousand.

2. Rice Box McD

Similar but not the same, McDonald's also has a new menu entitled rice bowl . This name seems to be adapted to the packaging which is more like a bowl than a box.

Here there are three superior menu variants, namely green chili, teriyaki, and finally bulgogi. Looking at the row of names, McD seems to combine traditional menus (green chilies) with modern ones.

3. Kanelo Rice Box

Born in Tanah Sereal, Bogor, Kanelo is present as a new innovation in the culinary world. Apart from providing various choices of chicken and duck, Kanelo also offers a variety of chili sauces.

This seems to be in line with the preferences of Sundanese people who like to eat spicy food, so it sells every day . Apart from green chili, there are also variants of onion chili sauce, mentai, salt pepper and butter sauce.

4. Rice Box Chinese

Also enlivening the Indonesian culinary world, now many Chinese dishes are packaged using a mini box system . As the name suggests, the contents of the mini box are a variety of Chinese dishes .

In fact, this innovation not only attracted the attention of Chinese descendants , but also natives. Some places are even innovating by also serving food from other countries, such as hot sauce or gochujang .

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Rice Box Business

The food in this mini box is indeed a food business for beginners , because it is simple and simple. Before intending to open one at your place, consider the advantages and disadvantages:


  • It doesn't require very large costs, just additional funds of around 5 to 7 million
  • The varied menu can be adjusted to suit the surrounding conditions
  • Many people are interested in it, because it is more practical for customers traveling anywhere
  • Cheaper prices, so you can reach target markets from various groups
  • You don't need a large space as a place to start a business
  • The production process is easy and there are not too many containers


  • The nature of food is wet, so it is susceptible to spoilage
  • It is quite difficult to reach the target market at the bottom
  • There are still some customers who don't like the taste of rice and side dishes

Tips for Starting a Rice Box Business

How are you interested in trying your luck with the rice business in mini boxes? As a guide, here are the most effective tips for making big profits by starting a rice box business:

1. Carry out a Business Analysis

Before running any business, you should do an analysis first. Look for the SWOT points, so you can find out how far the business is likely to develop.

2. Prepare Capital

There is no exact calculation of how much capital you need to prepare to open this business. It all depends on the price of raw materials and packaging on the market, as well as the place for the business.

3. Determine the Menu

The food menu will be the value that you will offer to potential buyers. In making this determination, it would be better to consider the habits of the surrounding community, because after all, they are potential customers.

4. Look for Raw Material Suppliers

If the capital and space are ready, the next step is to hunt for raw material suppliers . As much as possible, avoid shopping for main raw materials at the market, because the price is clearly different.

5. Promotion and Branding

Business cannot be separated from these two things, namely promotion and branding. Both are steps to introduce the menu as well as create an image in society.

6. Consistency of Taste

Many people ignore one of these simple tips, because they feel they are already famous and selling well. In fact, people's interests can change at any time, especially as the emergence of competitors cannot be predicted.

7. Manage Finances

If you want your business to last a long time, then manage your finances well. Separate business and personal money, never cross the line. Even though it is still on a small scale, cash flow must be neatly arranged.


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